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Number of Chapters: 20
Book Summary: Crystal Dawn is a 14 year old girl who lives in Vermillion City, Kanto, along with her three childhood friends. However, she soon meets three boys from Pallet Town who will change her life forever. She journeys to foreign lands, where she meets many new people, friends and enemies alike, and learns startling secrets about her past. Step into Crystal's shoes and join her for the ride! (Now rated T-16 for strong language)
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Author: RavenNTheNevermores
Content Rating: PT
Summary: A goofy, slightly sappy story about Cheren and Bianca preparing to part ways after the events of Pokémon Black and White.
Tags: dualrival, cheren, bianca, glasses
Published: 2012-05-18 01:06:35
Count: 2088
User Score: 5 from 1 reader(s)

Author: RavenNTheNevermores
Content Rating: T-13
Summary: Blue has always been inferior to Red. Red has always had everything Blue's ever wanted. Now Blue's had enough.
Tags: Blue, Red, Professor Oak, Daisy
Published: 2012-05-11 08:43:22
Count: 1777
User Score: Not Scored Yet

Number of Chapters: 1
Book Summary: All Nihatsu's ever wanted to be is a blacksmith, unlike her brother, whose heart is set on being a tamer like the rest of the world. But it seems fate has other plans. Now Nihatsu has to deal with moving to a new school, finding a dragon to call her own, learning that her best friends have been lying to her all this time, and worst of all; boy drama. A magical tale set in the year 2010 in the world of Py'lar, 'Dragons, why is it always Dragons?' will take you on a journey through not only Py'lar's many countries, but also the all but forgotten and misunderstood Untamables.
First Chapter     -    Latest Chapter

Number of Chapters: 9
Book Summary: What happened before Crystal Dawn, before her father and Riley left for Unova? Enter Hiro Diamante, a young boy in Sinnoh, just starting his adventure. Along with his best friend Marcos, a new 'friend' named Yuki and a fiery companion, Hiro is just starting down a long road filled with danger, friendship, new faces friendly and hostile alike, and even death. Raven's first Nuzlocke challenge, played on Pokémon Platinum version.
First Chapter     -    Latest Chapter

Author: RavenNTheNevermores
Content Rating: GA
Summary: Crystal, a young trainer from Nuvema, has suffered through the events of Pokémon White. One year later, Crystal walks down memory lane. But she gets more than she expected when she sees a familiar figure on the horizon. Will the two be reunited, or will the gap between them be forced permanently wider?
Tags: N, Harmonia, Crystal, Zekrom, Reshiram, one-shot
Published: 2011-09-24 04:06:17
Count: 2297
User Score: 4.5 from 2 reader(s)

Author: RavenNTheNevermores
Content Rating: T-13
Summary: Where does inspiration come from? Maybe it's a landscape, a song, a TV show... Or a Faerie. A quick story about where inspiration comes from, and what happens behind the scenes in the realm of the subconscious.
Tags: fairy, faery, plot, writing, raven, bunny, tree, character, prose, simile, twist
Published: 2011-07-13 19:39:52
Count: 2273
User Score: 5 from 1 reader(s)

Author: RavenNTheNevermores
Content Rating: GA
Summary: The story of Mewtwo's past, and what he does after destroying the lab he was born in.
Tags: pokemon, mewtwo, mew, leaf, blaine, giovanni, rhyhorn
Published: 2011-07-10 20:10:51
Count: 4384
User Score: 3.67 from 15 reader(s)

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