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Number of Chapters: 1
Book Summary: In Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, the newest League of Genin rise to be greater than ever before. Toriuma, a girl of the Katakoutai Clan, is one of the first to become one in this new Generation. She doesn't to seem very phazed at all about it, for the moment. Clearly, she doesn't know what is in store for her.
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Number of Chapters: 2
Book Summary: A girl by the name of Bailey was born, once, with a loss of eardrums and only half a spine. Desperate for help, her Parents, who were in the Military, payed and unknown AutoMail Mechanic to "Fix Her", so she would have a chance to talk and laugh and walk. Though, it turned awful as she was used as an illegal experiment, having instead of a metal Backbone and a type of Hearing Aids, she was given the ears and tail of an animal. Though, even though it was horrendous, they worked. Little Bailey could Walk and Hear, both of these heightened, in a way. Now she is on a journey with the Elric's.
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