♥♥♥ N will forever be my fav Pokémon character. ♥♥♥


Name: Raven
Gender: Female
Level 15
Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown; Often lost in thought; A little quick tempered; Quick to flee; (I couldn't decide which to use. XD)
Nature: Mummy (It kinda stuck after pity-hugging so many Yamasks. ^^;;)

Writing is my life. I'm homeschooled, so I have a lot of time to write. I dabble in all forms of writing, though I have yet to try my hand at script writing.

Pokémon is my fav game; me and my brother have collected every main game since Pokémon Red, but we have yet to complete any of the Pokédexes without cheating. ^^;; But I'm trying my best to complete the Unova dex! =D

Fav Anime/Manga; Tie between Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Bleach, and D.Gray-Man!

I moved here from Failzilla when they failed EPICALLY by deleting everything not created this year or something like that. *rolls eyes*

I tend to update fairly quickly, but sometimes I get squirrel-distracted with an awesome story/comic/lolcats. XD But that doesn't last long so you don't need to worry. ^^

Other Places you can find me:
Twitter: @RavenNevermore4
Quizilla: RavenAndTheNevermores
DeviantArt(Though I don't have anything GOOD there...): RavenNTheNevermores
Wattpad: RavenNTheNevermores

I also run a Wikia that covers my Pokemon fanfics Crystal - Dawn of a new Champion and Platinum Hiro: Link

And now for something completely different! =D