Hi, I'm HatedLove6

Welcome to my You-Fic homepage. Forgive me if my HTML and CSS seems sloppy because I'm quite the beginner at this. I'm getting the hang of it, it's learning all the tags, the placement that's putting me in a loop. If you have noticed, I have made a couple of books here, and while I'm still learning, I've become satisfied with what I've learned. They are just Mary-sue guides though. If you want to read my stories, you can read them at several sites:

What do You Want to Know?

You can ask me questions, and I'll either answer them, or laugh and change the subject. So go ahead and ask away!

Why do you always have a black background with white font?
I'm not trying to be edgy or anything, I just prefer to read online stories with a darker background and light font. I'm a chalkboard person. It's easier to read, spot errors in my stories, and I can focus on other people's stories longer, and I hope this will be the same with my readers. It's a preference, basically.
Do you Roleplay?
No, I don’t roleplay. I tried it a couple of times, but I could never get into it—namely the mechanics of online roleplaying.
Can I request a story from you?

I don’t write requests anymore due to being preoccupied with my own projects.
Why don’t you indent your paragraphs? You do realize that you can do that on this site, right? Why aren’t your paragraphs consistent between all of your stories? You indent sometimes, and other times you don’t.
Yes, while most sites don't register any indentations, You-Fic is one of the few sites that do allow people to indent their paragraphs. However, I usually don't because of a few reasons:
  1. I'm a member of various writing sites, and because most sites don't allow indentations, and every single website that I've been on do allow skipped lines as a sign of paragraph separation, this is just easier to get my stories out on multiple websites faster.
  2. Skipped lines are an acceptable form of paragraph separation online—look on online news articles. In fact, using both indentations and skipped lines is considered unprofessional.
  3. It's harder on my eyes reading on a screen than on a page of paper, so skipping lines is easier to read.
There may be stories that do, in fact, have indentations, and that’s simply because that’s how I typed it on my documents, but it’s only because those are the stories I show my friends, so I make it look a little nicer.
How come you don’t write with Reader-Inserts?
Because I enjoy writing with OCs more. I also don’t believe that OCs have more chances of becoming a so-called “Mary-Sue” than Reader-Inserts, and just because Reader-Inserts are more popular on a variety of websites, doesn’t mean a thing to me, and I won’t change my writing to please the masses.
How come you don’t comment on anyone’s stories?
It's not absolutely true that I don't comment on anyone's stories, it's just that it's rare for me to do so. I'm not comfortable reviewing people's stories when I don't know them unless they specifically ask for me to review their stories. I question everything, and work more like an editor/beta than just a typical reviewer, and more often than not, not a lot of people want my full disclosure. When I'm being honest with my own opinion (something that you definitely don't have to follow in the least), and then I'm met with an excuse, "Whoa, way to be harsh! I'm only 13," or met with retaliation, "If you didn't like it, you shouldn't have read it," it's more than irritating (especially when they put somewhere on the story that they want reviews). So, because of this, there are only a few occasions where I'll place a comment:
  1. When I really, really like the story, and find no faults (something that has only happened once or twice), or I just can't find anything to dislike about it.
  2. When I know the person and am friends with them. Followers and following doesn't automatically mean friendship.
  3. When I'm in a group that reviews each other's stories, and encourages opinions that aren't 100% enjoyment.
  4. When I'm asked to review their work. If you decide to ask for me to review your work, please read Reasons I Will Not Give Your Story a Chance first. First impressions are a make or break for me, and I reserve the right to stop reading and reviewing at any time.