Scenes from a Hat 1: Crappy High School Story
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2012-07-20 00:01:16
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Parody, Humor

Keiko and Yukina must compete to be the homecoming Queen. And they do so by... having a baking contest.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
I can't remember the things I pulled from the hat to make this. I know shoe is a gun is one of them...
Chapter 1
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So Keiko and Yukina were bestest best friends but then there was this... Dance thing. And they were competing to be home coming queen for some reason. But first they had to woo the class into thinking they were good enough to be homecoming queen... Or some crap like that.

"I am so 1337! OMG WTF R going on?" Botan asked them gathering long blank stares at her.

"You're a n00b." Mitarai said. Suddenly he was overjoyed that he gained the courage to say something to that extent and started floating around in hid world of euphioria... Until he was canned by Sensui who somehow ended up in the same class.

"Dude, Yukina! I gotta idea how you could win homecoming queen! We egg the school!" Kuwabara screamed.

"But why would I want to do that?" Yukina asked.

"It makes you cool!"

"What are you implying?" Hiei asked from the corner of the room. Somehow his voice came all the way across the room full of noisy people who were still cheering Sensui on for canning Mitarai.

"Shut up and do emo kid stuff!" Kuwabara pointed at him. "Go wear tight pants you... Stereotypical emo kid! See, I'm even pointing at you even though it's rude! It shows my lack of respect for you so take that!"

"I'm not emo! I'm just... I hate you all! Especially you!"

"Yeah well I hate you more than if I didn't hate you!"

"Can it! I'm trying to come up with a masterful plan here!" Yusuke screamed, slamming hid fist on the desk. The class room was quiet.

"Sure you all get quiet for Urameshi but not me!"

"Because I'm the cool one." Yusuke grinned and slipped on a pair of black sunglasses. "I am so awesome." THen he took off his shoes and started swinging it around. "All right everyone! You vote for Keiko or I shoot you with my shoe! My shoe is a gun and it's loaded!"

O_o "How does that work?"

"I know... Why not have a bake off?" Kurama asked with an enlightened smile.

Everyone stared at him.

"You are so gay," Yusuke replied.

Kurama gasped. Lightning flash. "I am most certainly not!" He cried into a bowl of cheerios.

"Kurama's right! We should have a bake off so we can vote! OMFG! That's so brilliant! I wanna do it!" Botan waved her hands around.

"If you never speak again we will," Hiei said, narrowing his eyes at her. She's too bright! The light burns us! He crawled into a small cardboard box to escape the light only to be kicked out by Mukuro.

"My box!" She shut the lid.

Hiei cried into a bowl of Cheerios. But then they became comfort food.

The whole class gathered at Kurama's house and the two girls went off to bake a Pineapple-onion cake. Never mind the fact that the only one that ate that crap was Kuwabara... And Yomi, who will never be mentioned in this story again.

"Okay, Keiko. You bake and you win!"

"Yes!" Keiko mixed the batter.

"How will I compete with that, Kazuma?' Yukina asked him. THe two looked at their competition. Keiko and... Mukuro?

"Mukuro, what're you doing here?" Hiei asked, still eating Cheerios.

"I like ovens." She put the finished batter into the oven. Now why Kurama had multiple ovens, no one knows...

"I won't ask."

The cakes were done and...

"God! Both of yours suck!" Yusuke spat it out. "None of you deserve to be homecoming queen! Mukuro, lemme try yours!" And he... Liked it right?


He hated it. "God, I thought you liked ovens."

"I changed my mind. I hate them now."

"Whatever. Hey there's one more. Lemme try that one," Yusuke reached for it. And... It was actually liked it. "Who baked this?"

"I did!" Kurama held up a hand. "I did it for fun! To celebrate the homecoming queen."

"Kurama, you ARE homecoming queen now!"

OO;; He cried into a bowl of Cheerios. "WHHHHHY?!"

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Chapter 1
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