Silent Hill: Chapter 1
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2012-07-20 00:49:40
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama, Hiei, Yukina, Mukuro

Enter Silent Hill.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
You don't need to have played the games to understand this. I try to explain everything. I haven't edited this as of 7/19/2012. I promise to tie up loose ends though. I'm still working on getting situated and I'm still burned out from editing Lovecraft Anon. If you comment, you can help me figure out what to improve and I would very much appreciate that. As far as the games go, you can say Kurama's story is like James's (SH2), Hiei's is like Harry's (SH1), and Mukuro's is more like Angela's (SH2). Please join me here. I don't own Yuyu Hakusho or Silent Hill.
Chapter 1
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The night before Kurama left he visited his mother in the hospital. She smiled when she saw her son but he knew what lies beyond that smile. The nurse told him the trouble she caused for her. But hell, he wasn't sure he could trust that nurse either. He loved his mother, sure, but she was too much trouble around the hospital. That nurse though. He'd seen her eying him while she stood by the life support or whatever the hell that machine was like she was going to pull the plug on Shiori. Still, he had to be polite. She was taking good enough care of her at least.

"I don't like it here, Shuichi. Take me home..." she whispered to Kurama in her weak voice. He shook his head at her. She cringed at the sight as if in more pain. "Please, Shuichi..."

"I have to go home. You need to stay here, Mother. I don't know how to take care of you any better than the next guy, I'm afraid. But I'll be in medical school soon and I will. Just wait for me until then," Kurama whispered back to her. He tucked her in her bed and kissed her on the forehead. "Take care. And enough of that breaking out of here drama you give the nurse while you're at it. I only live down the block. You know that. You don't need to fight to see me when I see you everyday."

"Take me to Silent Hill..." Her eyes glazed over. Her voice sounded as if it were being spoken through some unseen filter. Shiori grabbed Kurama's hand.

"Mother we can't go. You're not well yet and you won't get any better if you keep causing trouble. When you're better I will take you." He put her hand down on her stomach. He put a hand over her eyes. "Rest Mother. You must be tired now."


"Rest. Just... Rest." Somehow... He couldn't account for the rest of the afternoon. But he did remember coming home feeling like a runaway or something like that. He was really guilty though.

But that morning he got a call from the hospital.

"Shuichi Minamino. We have called to inform you that your mother Shiori Minamino, has gone missing," the woman's monotonous voice informed Kurama apathetically. God these hospital people don't give a damn about anything, do they?

"Mother? Missing?" Kurama felt choked up in his throat. There was guilt building up in his heart.

"Your mother's nurse came into the room and found the door was left open and so was the window. There was writing on the wall. It looked like it was written in blood. It said, 'I'm going to Silent Hill.' Do you happen to know anything about this, Shuichi?"

"God, no!"

"We send our concerns again. Goodbye."

Kurama stared at the phone. A message written in blood. I'm going to Silent Hill. God, this was too much but still... It was decided. He was going to Silent Hill.

He'd finally reached the outskirts of the town by car. He got out to finish the way in the town by foot since there was no road for a car where he was at. He walked through the area and found he was in a cemetery. He continued looking around since he didn't know the way in from where he was at. Instead he found an orange haired woman kneeling by a grave. She looked up at him with empty looking navy blue eyes.

"Hello," she greeted him with a monotonous voice and an obviously fake smile. God, everything about her seemed somewhat fake.

"Uh, hi... I'm looking for Silent Hill..." Kurama mumbled awkwardly once he noticed there was a knife in the woman's hand. "You see, my mother went missing last night and she left this weird message that said, I'm going to Silent Hill.' So I thought she would be there somewhere. I was just wondering if you knew a way there from here. I kinda drove all this way and..." Okay. How about I give her a chance to speak...?

She looked at him like he was crazy for a while. Then she looked down at the knife as if she were going to stab someone then at the grave in though and she finally looked back at him, analyzing him first then answering. "Silent Hill? It's... That way." She pointed the direction out. "But why would your mother go there?"

"Why not?"

"That town. There's something off about it. I can't say that I can give you a good explanation why... I just can't. There's something wrong. People haven't been there in years."

"Well my mother... She... Just wanted to go."

"Take this then." She gave Kurama the knife. "Just in case you get in any trouble."

"Uh... Thanks?"

"Mukuro by the way." She pointed to herself. Kurama wasn't sure why she was introducing herself nor was he sure he even cared who she was.

"Oh, I'm Kurama."

"A pleasure. Until next time." She walked away.


"Accident of I-" Static.

"Goddammit. Don't tell me the radio's gone out!" Hiei growled as he slapped the radio.

"Brother, I think we're lost," Yukina whispered, half asleep in the back seat.

"Lost nothing. I know damn well where we're going!"

"Where are we?"

"Don't be smart!"

"I wasn't trying to."

"Trying is the key word."

Yukina yawned and stared out the window. It was raining at the time so she had to wipe a hand on the window to get a clear picture of the outside. "It's so foggy outside."

Hiei turned on the high beams. "So I've noticed. But the weather's better in the south. It's hot over there compared to where we're coming from up north."

"Why couldn't we stay south with mother?"

"I had to go to college up north. Why did you decide to tag along if you wanted to stay near home?" he saw Yukina curl into her shell. "That was mean. Listen I'm sorry but..."

"I wouldn't stay home after you were arrested. I got lonely so I moved up north with you. That was the only college that would take you wasn't it?"

"Yeah because your brother here is a felon. Prison changes a man so if I say anything mean to you just say so."

"Brother, I love you."


Hours passed. Or so it seemed.. He stared to nod off. Hiei looked in the mirror. Sure enough his sister was sleeping away. He nodded to himself and turned off the nearest exit to find a place to rest. Instead-Bang!-he crashed into a building. Well, that woke him up. Oh hell! I fell asleep driving! He looked in the backseat t o check on Yukina but she was gone!

"Yukina!?" Shit. He got out of the car. "Yukina!"

No answer. Only fog. Layers and layers of fog.

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