Silent Hill ~Endings~ Suicide/Flight
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2012-07-20 01:22:26
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama, Hiei, Mukuro, Kuronue, Yukina

The final answer.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
I think this one's my least favorite. This is based on the "In Water" ending. Basically the same concept except... well...
Chapter 18
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The room was blazing in the unbearable heat. Bits of the ceiling were falling down, slowly crumbling above their heads. Kurama saw Mukuro halfway up the stairs and called to her, "Mukuro! What are you doing up there?"

"Oh… It's you." She didn't turn around. She held Hiei's body closer to her chest. "Interesting place to meet up again. And it's real bad timing, you know? I bet you can tell just from looking, can't you?"

"Come down here. Whatever you're doing, don't do it!"

"No. It's… It's over for all of us. I'll just go up here and then we'll rot out here together. I meet, I'm sure it's for the best. Though this would be over quicker if you gave me that knife back. I wish you would give me that knife back. I wish it would end quicker."

"I can't do that."

"Why not?" She glanced at him over her shoulder for a moment and continued up a few steps. "Are you keeping it for yourself? Is that what you mean?" Kurama didn't answer. "I guess this is where we all part ways. I really hope you get home safely. And I hope that you get that thing with your mother taken care of. You're a really nice guy. You deserve it."

Oh that hurts… Kurama shut his eyes, remembering his mother, imagining her trapped somewhere between here and there. He shuddered at the thought. "I can't come home alone though. You need to come home too. I can't stand the thought of you not being home. You just getting stuck here to rot."

"I can't go home," Mukuro said after a moment's silence.

Kurama saw the bits of the ceiling becoming bigger, falling even quicker. "What do you mean? Come on down. We can talk down here."

"He won't let me." Indicating the body. "Nice try though."

He wiped the sweat on his forehead, considering the possibilities as he watched the large drops roll off the back of his hand. There's not enough time. But I have to… But how…? He groaned.

Mukuro continued, "And you know… I have no home to go to anyway. There's really nothing there waiting for me. Why did you think I wanted to find my mother? And even here there wasn't anything waiting for me. Nothing except my damn punishment. I guess no matter how shitty the person, God doesn't want us to kill. It makes sense, right? Everyone we could have saved ends up dead because we need punishment. Or anything that I tried to… You know what I mean by all that, don't you? You can't escape what's already put in front of you."

"But it shouldn't be that way! That God that forces you through that much pain isn't God at all! That's the devil is what it is!"

"You don't wanna say that. You really don't wanna say that here. She won't like it. You won't wanna face her wrath after you're gone."

"Whoever told you all this was lying. That isn't God. Who told you that?"

"Does it really matter? Get the hell out before you kill yourself!" She jumped a couple more steps, almost slipping back down. "You don't need to be in here. This is MY room anyway."

"What the hell do you mean your room?"

"You never noticed the fire before. You never saw this and felt it constantly burning you, have you?"

"Have you?" She was silent. "I'll just die in here too, if that's how you want it to be. We can all die together. We shared all this time together, then we'll share the same ending together. I'm not going to be the lone survivor." She groaned and walked up to the top of the stairs, Kurama following her. She paused at the top of the stairs and dropped the body.

"You're really going to go up here with me?" she asked.

"What's at the top?"

"Closure." She turned around. "But I really… I really don't want to…"

"Come back then." He turned around and quickly ran down the steps as the ceiling started to fall down even faster. He turned around and she was four steps behind him. She fell down, and rolled into a flame. Just as she was about to put out the fire, a pile of embers fell on top of her, crushing her and swallowing her in flames. Kurama rushed over though he knew that even if he could move her out of the flames, there was no chance of her surviving from under the weight.

"No… No, no, no, no.. Why?" He shut his eyes, feeling tears coming. He suddenly felt a chill in the air and opened his eyes. There was nothing. He was just sitting in a concrete walled closet. What the hell? But… That… She's… She's really gone. All of them. Everyone. Dead. This…

He left the closet and went into the lobby to see Kuronue standing over a carton of milk. Kuronue glanced at Kurama and then pointed at the milk. "Don't cry over it."

When he didn't answer, he sighed irritably. "You're not too much fun. Thought you should have at least one laugh before I end it for you too…"

"You're going to…?" Kurama backed away.

"Hey, don't look at me like that. And don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty nice guy, get lots of good points from those upstairs. I'm just doing my job…" Kuronue took out his sickle just as Kurama bolted away in fear. "You douche."

Kurama hurried down the hall and took a left into the dining room. He rushed into the kitchen and slammed the door to the freezer shut, and held the door so Kuronue couldn't open it. He waited for the sounds of the slower Kuronue's steps walk into the kitchen. He almost stopped breathing when he heard the sound of something being dragged and the sound of grunting. No, not now. Now if Kuronue doesn't kill me, it'll be Pyramid Head…

But… But why am I running? What's the use? I'm the only one left. I couldn't do anything… I'm powerless. All of them are gone. Hiei. Yukina. And now… Mukuro. Maybe it's better that I go. I should bite the bullet and let them kill me. Just hope that it's quick. It's better when it's quick. He opened the door just as Kuronue screamed with his last breath. With horror, he saw the Great Knife tearing through Kuronue's midsection. Pyramid Head kicked the body off it like a man slides meat off a stick.

"You… What?" Kurama stared at the body but then came forward, waiting to be killed next. But death didn't come. The monster stepped away, knife in hand. "But wait! Why?"

He didn't answer. With some difficulty, the monster removed his helmet. Kurama saw his own face attached to the monster's body.

Kurama felt the blood drain from his face. "Oh. I see." He watched as he walked out and then he became aware of the deathly silence that filled the room, of how alone he was. There was nothing. He stepped over the body and stopped to stare at it.

He continued up the stairs, each of the stairs refusing to creak under his weight. He walked into room 302 and laid in the bed that would hold no body but his own for now and for forever. After a few moments, he looked out the window and opened the window that no hands but his had touched. He saw that there was a clear view of the lake from there.

He turned around and walked away from the window, then did an about face. He took in the pure silence as though torturing himself for that moment. Then he ran out the window where he fell into the lake, casting waves and leaving the last sounds the town would hold. He felt the icy water fill his lungs and his body sinking down painfully slowly. This is it. This is the only way we could all be together.

See? I wasn't lying to you Mukuro. I wouldn't be the only survivor.

Mother? This is the water you enjoyed seeing that day, isn't it? That really happened, didn't it? This is my final hour… And then we can all be together, just the way it should be. Right…?


The tape? You're asking about the tape?

You see a group of thirty-nine people engaging in an obscure waltz. They all are wearing masks, and all of those masks are of horribly disfigured abominations passed off as faces. Each of them looking as though they are demons from hell. The shrill screeching of a violin and eerie piano stops. The people then know that is time to remove their masks and walk out the doors. Four of the party goers stay behind a moment longer and stare into the camera with their blackened eyes. Hiei, Yukina, Mukuro, and Kurama…

"But how can you say that it is this town that is insane? Perhaps it is we who are insane. Both of us... hopelessly insane." –Earnest Baldwin (Silent Hill 2, Born from a Wish)

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Chapter 18
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