Mythos: The Faceless Lover
Author: japancat
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Published: 2012-10-15 01:16:02
Tags: Yuyu Hakusho, Mukuro

On the life and death of Mukuro's relationship with an undisclosed woman.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Just for the record, I think she might be bi. I dunno.
Chapter 18
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"Why didn't you tell me this up front?" she asked.

Mukuro's face was stinging from the blow she allowed herself to receive. True, she had deceived her.


"Which part?"


"Which more than the other?"

"What, you couldn't tell me both?"

"If I was a man. Really and physically a man, but I looked as I do now… Would you still feel this way?"

"Would you have told me that first?"

"Would you have felt the same way or approached me if my face was exposed for what it was? It is not something I can detach myself from. Neither one. They are there because I was born this way. Born a woman. I wish I could still trust you enough to tell all. But I haven't trusted you in a long time."

"Well, I shouldn't have trusted some lesbian that hides behind a mask to get innocent girls like me."

"…How easy it is to say so… after the fact. How easily people assume they're innocent." And the innocent ones never insist they are. "If you hang to much upon that small detail, then you should leave. And you should be honest with yourself and know that you never did love the whole of me." Just the idea. Just the idea of being close to someone that could give you a slice of fame.

Step back- pick up, pick up. Right from the top.


Some time after Mukuro started gathering some followers, though she wasn't actively attempting to gain enough power to stand against Raizen. She had her group that happened to travel with her since that was all they allowed them to do, a gesture they took for an opportunity to gather an army rather than a gesture of apathy and suspicion that she would never be left alone otherwise. They had left a village and there was a woman waiting on the outside, looking like a hitchhiker at beast, or a runaway at the worst. She was torn up, ragged. Looked like someone had taken her and wrung her as someone would a rag before tossing it.

"Excuse me? Can you tell me where you're going?" she asked.

Kirin and Mukuro exchanged a look. Mukuro shrugged in response. Kirin said, "Where you want to go?"

"Anywhere that ain't here. Anywhere's better. If you don't mind, I can travel until I find a good place to stay." She received no response. "I'll do anything you want me to. I can cook or clean or anything. I was a nobleman's servant so I know all kinds of things. Just get me out of here."

"Shouldn't you stay with your employer?"

Mukuro inspected her clothes. Yes, they looked more like she was running away. She stood in a way that denoted something more despicable than being under the employ of a strict nobleman. They also implied that she was more than just a servant.

"…I can't stay with him anymore. He hit me and stuff. I've been doing it since I was a little girl and I've had enough, okay?" No. No it wasn't that. Not at all. "I've been running away but I think he's had some people after me. If I can come with you and get somewhere safely far away, then I won't have to worry about it."

Kirin turned to Mukuro, knowing in the end it was more her decision. The look and way he was holding himself now, she saw that he was more than slightly skeptical and he didn't want to have the responsibility for hiding away someone's fugitive servant/daughter. But hell, why be the one to turn away a woman who desperately needed to be helped. Didn't she know what that was like? "You can come with us. But if you cause too many problems with us, then we will have no other choice than to turn you away."

The woman nodded. The faceless woman. The nameless woman. She took it as a blessing, rather than suspecting there was a moment of connection between the two individuals. Kirin gave her a questioning look but Mukuro shrugged. He would later claim Mukuro just had a real bleeding heart. Or so the propaganda in Alaric went.

The woman came to Mukuro close to the coming night. She asked, "There are no women in your group."

"That is true," Mukuro answered. It wasn't.


"No woman has ever felt the desire to come traveling with me."

"I am afraid."

"If any of them try to hurt you in any way, I will punish them."


"I just don't take people disrespecting women lightly. But there should never have to be a reason why one should protect those who cannot protect themselves in any circumstance."

"Are you saying I'm weak?"

"I'm saying I'm protecting you from harm. And nothing more." There was a long silence. "Is there anything else you have to tell me?"

"Can I… Um… Sleep with you then?"

"You can be in my general vicinity so if anyone tries anything in the middle of the night, I will hear you. But I trust my men. Not enough so that if someone is that reckless, I will choose their story over yours. But I believe that they are not those kinds of people."


"Haven't I explained it well enough already? …Rest well."

The next few months passed in the same manner. The girl followed Mukuro the closest. Eventually, the space came closed. In secrecy they managed to settle upon a trust that most would call love. Or enough trust that Mukuro never saw how the woman looked upon her as though she was an expensive piece of treasure she so dearly desired but couldn't afford. The months turned to years, and it was enough that the woman managed to convince Mukuro to stop her aimless wanderings and try to become a king.

It happened. And the nameless woman became the hidden lover of the king.

Mukuro came to find that the nameless woman, the lover started wanting more in the relationship, wondering why of all the years they've been joined, they had not been public about it, why she hadn't been kissed anywhere other than the hand or the cheek. Mukuro gave in and went for the conventional method, but still the lover wanted more. She wanted to sleep together.

Mukuro locked herself away for a while, lying that it was the current political problems keeping them apart. Really, she found herself frustrated with the lover. But mostly with herself for honestly believing a relationship would be any different if it was with a woman that if it was with a man. Because in the end, they both want the same things from relationships. And most of all, they wanted the ultimate moment of intimacy.

But not this one.

She could give in, but give an excuse as to why they couldn't be face to face. But it still required that she show her face to make it efficient enough.

Whatever. She would be open about it anyway.


"I can't believe I almost…" the woman was saying to herself.

"But does it make it less real?" Mukuro asked.

"Oh god, you were in love with me?"

"You answered my question."

The woman was silent.

"Well, that being done, will you tell me this? Would you hide my identity?"

"Why would I?"

"Because I'd have to kill you if you don't."

"I don't believe you. You said you'd protect me."

"But we say what we don't mean. You said you loved me, but you clearly don't."

"You expect me to accept that I was with another girl this whole time? Just like that? Bitch, you're damn crazy."

"Then do you vow to hide my identity?"

"I'd rather die that live knowing I almost did a girl."

"You mean that?"


She didn't. But she met the apocalypse anyway.

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Chapter 18
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