Which of the Interests in "A Smile to Hide" are You Most Like?
Author: HatedLove6
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2013-03-16 15:04:34
Tags: cyoa, pyop, wwyff, wwffy, quiz, companion, love, friendship, fantasy, romance

This is a purely optional companion quiz to my CYOA/WWYFF story "A Smile to Hide" that bases your results on personality, what you're hoping for, and other interests. There will be eight different results ranging from friendship, bi-curious, to love, with either humans, shtriga/strigoi vii, ovinnik, cambion, siren, wapiya/faerie, or a svartalfr. You will be able to view all results.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Again, this is purely optional, so if you're reading the story, or are going to read the story, you don't have to take this quiz, as it's not important to the storyline or plot. Why did I create this when I am working on the story? The interests won't be coming up until later, and I'm afraid of losing readers before then (especially if the reader dies before they get a chance to meet any of the interests). All in all, this is just for fun. The quiz is for the most part done, but I will add pictures sooner or later (probably later).
Are you planning to read "A Smile to Hide" at all?
I'm already reading it.
After I take this quiz, I'll definitely read it.
It depends on my results.
I was just curious on what the creatures were ("shtriga/strigoi vii, ovinnik, cambion, siren, wapiya/faerie, or a svartalfr"). Maybe I'll read the story.
I was just curious on what the creatures were ("shtriga/strigoi vii, ovinnik, cambion, siren, wapiya/faerie, or a svartalfr"). I'm not planning on reading the story though.
No. I used to like CYOA/WWYFF, but it was ruined for me.
No. I don't like CYOA/WWYFF at all.
Eh, maybe. I don't tend to like second person/CYOA/WWYFF, but I'll give it a chance.
The year is 1993. Which of these early 90's music would you listen to, or do you listen to?
Jekyll and Hyde: The Gothic Thriller Musical
Skid Row
Cradle of Filth
Rob Zombie
Shania Twain
Alan Jackson
Billy Joel
Celine Dion
LL Cool J
Alanis Morisette
No Doubt
Marc Anthony
Michael Jackson
Jackson 5
Backstreet Boys
Dave Matthews Band
MC Hammer
Mariah Carey
Jagged Edge
Whitney Houston
Sheryl Crow
Britney Spears
Joan Jett
Stevie Wonder
Pat Benatar
Willie Nelson
Black Sabbath
Elvis Presley
Led Zepplin
What would your choice of clothing style be?
Just a T-shirt, jeans, and some shoes. Maybe a sweatshirt
A high shirt that shows off your midrift, high jeans up to your waist, and a pair of running shoes.
Bring on the leather jacket, band T-shirts, holey jeans and combat boots!
A sweater loosely tied around my neck, a polo shirt, and some slacks/skirt maybe with Oxfords or Mary-janes
Dark colored Victorian style decorated in ornate silver jewelry.
Bomber jackets, T-shirts, drainpipe pants and converse baby!
I love overalls. They're so comfy, and the overall dresses are cute!
I mix and match different eras--the 70's were something else.
About what percentage of an extrovert or introvert do you think you are?
100% Extrovert - 0% Introvert
100% Extrovert - 0% Introvert, but I'm really shy, which isn't the same as being an introvert.
75% Extrovert - 25% Introvert
50% Extrovert - 50% Introvert, but a lot of people think I'm more on the extroverted side
50% Extrovert - 50% Introvert, but a lot of people think I'm more on the introverted side
25% Extrovert - 75% Introvert
0% Extrovert - 100% Introvert, but I speak my mind a lot, mainly to get my point across in the most straightforward way as possible, making people think I'm actually a very opinionated extrovert
0% Extrovert - 100% Introvert
What are some of your hobbies?
2D art (drawing, photography, painting, wood burning, etc.)
Playing instruments, including singing
Playing sports
Writing stories, poems, and/or nonfictional works
Studying and researching magic
Studying and researching science and math
How easily do you make friends?
Not easily at all! I can't seem to muster up the courage to approach people, and people say that I don't look approachable for some reason.
I don't make friends, I have acquaintances.
I want friends, but I seem to only attract people who take advantage of me or bully me.
I only choose people who seem fun to be my friends.
Ugh, are you kidding? I attract too many people!
I just go with the flow. If someone wants to be my friend, and I like them, sure, we're friends, but if they're mean, I'm not they're friend.
It takes a while for me to trust people, but with enough time, I can makes some very meaningful friendships.
I'm a bit nosy, so I may put people off, but I really do mean well. I'm just really curious and I want to get to know people.
What accessory can you not live without?
Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc.)
My cowboy hat
My beanie
Earrings and other body piercings or body modifications
My hemp headband
Trapper hat
My decorated canvas bag
My mismatching socks
Do you know what shtriga/strigoi vii, ovinnik, cambion, siren, wapiya/faerie, or a svartalfr are?
I've heard of faeries, but shouldn't they be spelled fairies?
Faeries are a no brainer, and I've heard of sirens from The Odyssey, but I have no clue about the rest.
Faeries, yes, sirens, yes, and I think I've heard of shtriga before, but I don't know what it is precisely.
Nope. Not a one.
I love mythology, so yes, I actually know all of them.
I've been interested in folklore creatures, so I know half of them, but the other are still a mystery to me.
Of course I know what all of them are. Who doesn't know? *Totally lying and playing it off.*
I don't know one or two of them. The rest I think I know, or I definitely know.
What is your favorite mythological pantheon?
Slavic / Baltic
Vedic (Indian)
Celtic / Australian
I don't know, there are so many of them.
African / Caribbean
Middle Eastern / Mesopotamian (this includes Judaism, Christianity, Islamic, and Muslim)
Greek--the original that the Romans stole from!
You see someone you hardly know being bullied, and from the sound of it, it's racist and/or because of different spiritual beliefs--let's say the bullied openly practices Satanism--what do you do?
It's wrong! I stand by the person and tell the bully to stop. *Charges forward without thinking, gets there and starts stammering.*
He practices Satanism, right? Shouldn't the person be able to stand up for himself? "Smash him on the other cheek," right? *Watches, but doesn't do anything, even though it gets nasty. Makes the person your friend later.*
Satanism or not, if he doesn't do anything, or isn't able to stand up for him or herself, I'll help, but mainly because I hate bullies.
No one should be bullied, especially not for the color of the skin or for having a different spiritual belief. *Goes to the person, and leads the bullied away from the bully without another word.*
Being descended from oppression touches a nerve, so of course I'll do something about it. As for the Satanism thing . . . that's something else altogether. I don't care if he is a satanist, but just keep it away from me. *Talks down the bully, but leaves immediately after.*
Not my friend, not my business, but if he openly asks for help, I'll go tell a teacher.
Ugh, he deserves to be bullied if he's worshiping crap like that.
I want to help him, but I would be too scared to. I would tell a teacher before confronting the bully.

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