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Author: SalyaDarken
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Published: 2015-07-21 04:04:45
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This is the forum you will need to fill out before you ask me to make you a banner. PM me the forum.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
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Ok I can do any kind of banner that you wish to have. Anime/Game/Show/Movie, etc. Just have the renders/pngs of the characters you wish to have on the banners. I can work with none renders, but they won't be that good.

What I use: Gimp and Magic Photo Editor. 
I been using gimp for 4 years now and I only use Magic Photo Editor for the simple banners. You will know the difference of the two. Anyways, I will take up to 10 requests per week. I can get 2 done in a day depending on now much detail you want on it. All I ask is that you don't rush me.  

Form: Fill this out and post it in the comments or PM me. 
User name: [Here or your site where the story is posted.] 
Story title: 
characters: [Names AND pics links (Png/renders would be nice.)] 
Quote: [Any will work] 
Colors:  HTML codes
Size: [ 400x123 or anything near that. Nothing over 500x400] 
how many do you want?: 
Link to the story: 
Some info you want on the banner: [Qoute, saying... something] 
Background: [link] 
Anything Else:

 Premade ones. You can use if you ask me. I will add your username to them.  

Score It:

(1 = lowest, 5= highest)
Chapter 1
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