Wishing...doesnt work...with Saints..
Author: SalyaDarken
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2014-07-01 00:57:18
Tags: Saint Seiya, Saga, Kanon, Gemini, m/f/m

Alemia noticed things changed after Saga's twin brother 'disappeared'. She didn't ask anything yet when the Gemini Saint disappeared, she knew what was happening... blah. This is my first Saint Seiya fanfic. So things are going to be 'wrong' which I don't care. Pairings are Saga/OC/Kanon. Rated higher then pg-13 because of Saga and Kanon's mouths. lol

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Disclaimer: I don't own Saint Seiya nor it's animes, mangas, games, and characters. I wish I did though. Anywho, I do own my ocs and this plot bunny. I don't own anyother ocs that appear in here.
Chapter 1
First Chapter

It was semi normal day. Young saints were training and it was somewhat peaceful.
She sat on the steps of the Gemini Temple with her white face in her left hand. "I'm starting to hate meeting that saint..." She muttered lightly. She had an idea of what Saga was planing and so she didn't help him. In fact, she won't go see the pope for any reason.
She sighed lightly and stood up. She slid on her face, hiding her cold light blue eyes and light pink lips. She then fixed her outfit which was a big grey shirt with short shorts under it. A beit around her waist. Her shoes were normal sandels that she removed the long tais and made them short. ((Note: I'm not good at cloth detail, sorry)) Once she got off all the sand from her cloths, she looked aroud. "Now who to annoy?" She asked herself, thinking a bit.
Just as she got an idea of who, she heard someone near by. She turned around and sighed,only seeing the poor saint who the pope used to get messages to her. "What is it this time?" She asked lightly.
The saint sighed a bit before saying anything. "Alemia, sorry if it's a bad time, but the pope wishs to see you."
"Is he requesting or ordering me to go?" "I believe it's a mix of them." He said, thinking a bit. She shook her head, making her long black hair move slightly. "Well you can let him know that I'm going to meet up with Saga for a date. I'll go see him after that." With that said, she walked away. She felt a bit sorry for that saint but what can she do about it. She wasn't in the mood to see him and she didn't even know which side was out.
-Flashback since I'm losing ideas...-
A young girl blinked a bit as she looked up at the guy her father left her with. "Uhm... Sir... Why do you think he wanted me to stay here?" She asked him, unsure of what was happening.
Shion looked down at her and smiled lightly. "Well Alemia, you're father will be busy for a while and wanted you to stay here and learn things."
Alemia blinked lightly. "Learn what?"
He thought a bit then just smiled at her. "I'm not really sure but I'm sure you'll learn something while waiting on him."
A few days pasted and she was getting bored. She walked into the pope temple and over to the pope. "Shion, can I go out and wonder around?"
He thought a bit then nodded. "Sure but you'll need to wear the mask I gave you early."
She stock* out her tongue then sighed. "Alright..." She said, walking over to where she laid it down. She didn't understand why she even had to wear it. It wasn't like she was going to be a saint or anything. She slid the mask on with a light sigh. "Ok it's on... Can I go out?" She turned around and looked over at him.
Shion nodded and a light smile. "Sure but don't get hurt or bug anyone whose training."
"Alright." She said as she pushed the door open and walked out. She looked around as she wondered around.

-TBC...Sorry I can't think of anything else.-
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Chapter 1
First Chapter
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