Can he understand love?- 02
Author: SalyaDarken
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2014-07-01 02:48:33
Tags: Final Fantasy 7, FF7AC, Yazoo, Kadaj, Cloud


Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Disclaimer: Still don't own any FF character and such. I only own my ocs and the plot.... blah.
Chapter 2
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02 A few hours later, Alexis was still with Yazoo but they were on the steps to 7Heaven as Lina ran from Kadaj. The sun was lowering as people started to head home. It was also good until the doors to 7heaven was kicked open. Everyone looked over only to sighed. "I hate this place." Lenea muttered, walking pass the two on the steps. She got on her bike for once and left. Alexis pouted a bit. "Aw, Cloud or Tifa pissed off Len-Len." Yazoo sighed and wrapped his arms around her shoulder lightly as he placed his chin lightly on her head. "I believe it was Tifa." She blushed a bit and giggled. "Maybe so." He smiled lightly only to lose it as Kadaj went over to his bike. His greenish eyes followed his brother only to blinked. "Yaz, lets follow Kadaj." Alexis said, getting up. She didn't really wanna stay there for long. Yazoo just nodded and went to his bike although his brother and Lina already left. But he did know where they were going. ::later:: Yazoo stopped his bike and looked down at Alexis who was in front on him. She was a sleep. How, he didn't really know. He moved her, got off the bike, picked her up and went inside. It was a small house that was far away from any town or city. It had 3 bedrooms for each brother although Loz wasn't with them. There was a small bathroom that Lina always fought with Kadaj over. A good size kitchen and living room. He walked up to his bedroom and laid Alexis in his bed. He then went to the living room and sat on the couch with a book in his hand which he started to read, turning out Kadaj and Lina who were in the kitchen. It wasn't long before two arms went around his neck, making him almost jump. "Alex, don't do that..." "Sorry." She lightly giggled as she removed her arms and sat near him on the couch. "It's fine. What woke... you?" He asked, looking at her in the corner of his eye. She thought for a moment then smiled the cute smile that He didn't understand but liked. "Kadaj." He sighed. "I see." oddly, he could understand how Kadaj woke her up since he's so loud. He blushed lightly with a small blushline as she leaned over to see what he was reading. "You like love stories?" "Not really. I just read them." He said calmly. "Why's that?" "Just do." "Is it the only thing Lenea gives you to read?" 'What is this? 20 question day.' He thought with a sigh. "Yea." She moved back to her spot and smiled. "I see." She then looked away as she started thinking. He looked at her, watching her a moment before returning back to his book. He still didn't understand her nor the want to be near her. Out of the blue, Alex got Yazoo's cell, making him flinched and txted Lenea's cell. [Len, why love stories?] [That's all I got for him to read. Now go away.] She sighed and put his cell back, again making him flinch. "..." Yazoo eyed her for a bit then went back to the confusing book. TBC ----- [means txting.] "talking" 'thinking'
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Chapter 2
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