(Fantasyish) 7 minutes in heaven [Girls only]
Author: SalyaDarken
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2014-08-28 23:29:58
Tags: fantasy, 7minutes, pics, for girls only

You're Raine Night, a witch who has few friends, Some you didn't really count as friends. Well one of your friends gets you over for a game night. Like you really cared, yet you went. After playing different games, your friend, Sakura gets you and a few others to play a game called '7 minutes in heaven', a game you didn't really liked yet you played. ((As you can see, this is my first try at this. R/R plz.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Ok this is my first time doing this... if you can't tell. Yes, I will say that a lot. If you have any pointers to make this kind of stories/quizzes better, I would like to hear it.
But anyways, now the disclaimers. I don't own the pics that you'll see in the result(s). I do halfway own the characters and what little plots bunnies that there is... yes there is a few plots that if asked, I could do stories on them... Also, I don't really own one of the names. You might know it when you get that result. So don't comment with weird questions. Comment if you like this and would like me to do more. ^^
Chapter 1
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It was your turn to pick an iten from the box. What was in the box, you didn't know, yet you reached in and pulled out...?
Hair Clip
Ninja Star ((...))
black pen with a chibi bear hanging from it.
Bloody warp

Chapter 1
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