Boyfriend Problems
Author: SalyaDarken
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2015-02-19 06:13:43
Tags: Fox Demon, FxM, Original, Fluffy

A witch is dating a fox demon who likes to disappear a lot on here. There are a lots of problems with this couple, other then the young witch's parents.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Disclaimer: I own this idea and pairing.
Comment from writer: ok, this is going random and I just wanted to do something new. So bear with me. PM/Comment if you see any thing wrong.
Chapter 1
First Chapter

She sat outside the house, sighing lightly. She could hear her parents fighting even from the backyard where she was. She didn't really get why they fought all of time yet she didn't care. She let out another sigh as she closed her deep blue eyes. “Were you are.. so am I..” She muttered to herself. It wasn't a spell but something her boyfriend once told her before disappearing. She let out another sigh as she heard things getting threw in the house. She stood up and walked away from the two story house to the huge oak tree that she had an old club house in it. She stopped under the small club room that was in the tree and looked up. She felt something was up there. “hmmm...” She thought a bit to herself before using her magic to make the latter appear. Once she got to the small wooden room, she pushed the door up to climb into it. She looked around the room to see nothing weird nor different. She moved into the room and closed the door. She walked over to the window that faced away from the house yet to the forest that was behind the house, and sat down on a few pillows. She didn't noticed something move in her old toy bears. Her eyes were staring out at the forest. “Sora-kun... where are you?” She asked the air, not really looking for an answer. “Do you miss me that much, Miku?” Miku jumped lightly and looked around. “Sora-kun?” She asked lightly then glared when she saw one of her bears move. “Baka fox, why are you in my 'get-away' please?” She asked this time with a light growl. A black fox popped his head from behind a black bear with a pink bow. His ears were lowered down against his head as if he was stared of her. “Because... where else would I go when I couldn't get into your room?” She glared a bit more. “And why would you even what in my room when you disappeared for a good year?” He thought a bit then went back into hiding. He couldn't find the 'right' answer... if there was one to her question. Miku waited a few minutes then sighed lightly. She ran her left hand through her long slightly wavly black hair. She knew that he couldn't answer her yet she had to ask. “Sora, get out of hiding, you baka fox.” Sora slowly came out, and slowly moved over to. His nine tails moved sightly behind his small body as his ears were still lowered. She eyed the fox then sighed lightly again. “I'm not going to hurt you... Yet I'm thinking of putting you in a dress again.” She said with a small smirk on her light pink lips. He flinched lightly before turning to his human form. Short black hair to max to his black ears, golden yellow eyes hid under long bangs as his nine tails faded into one. “Why do you like making me cross-dress?” She smirked lightly with a blushline. “Easy. You have a girly body.” She said as she waved her hand to make some cloths appear over his young looking body. Why a witch like her was into a young looking fox demon was unknown to her yet she didn't care. She loved him and the fact her dresses were cute on him. He sighed lightly as his ears lowed against his hair. “I got a mean girl...” She leaned over and licked his cheek. “As I got a problemful fox demon. So we are even.” He blushed lightly and muttered to himself as she started to play with his hair.
TBC Note: I can't do outfits will, so don't whine about that. I'll have my bestie edit this and add in some outfits, then I'll update this.
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Chapter 1
First Chapter
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