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Published: 2015-04-21 14:13:10
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Chapter 8
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Brianey's/Your Point of View


You stood, in the middle of your room, seething in rage and confused. Just what was Shadow's hair ribbon doing in your room? Why was your window open and what's more - who had moved your journal.

You were unsure how long you stood there, but you didn't care. All you wanted to know was what in the hell was going on.

Alright.... Shadow couldn't have gotten in here... well she could but she wouldn't dare. She's my friend right? But then... why is there evidence pointing to the fact she has been in here? Wait... she could have left this the other day... but why is there a rose petal, too?  Your head was swimming. You were annoyed, but you knew there had to be a logical reason - you just weren't seeing it. Or were you were eluding yourself... by your trust for Shadow?

"I... gotta give 'er the benefit of the doubt." You reasoned into the empty room. Sighing you grabbed a new pair of clothes, which were faded black jeans and a black top with "Talk to the hand 'cos the face ain't listenin'" printed onto the front. Going out of your room you turned into the communal bathroom, locking the door behind you. Turning the shower on and after stripping, you slipped in.

You sighed as the hot water jetted over you, calming you almost instantaneously. Your head clearing, you forgot about the journal, dismissing it that maybe you had brought the petal in on your shoes, and Shadow had left the ribbon from the other day. It really was the only way it could have happened.

Feeling better you took the shampoo; lathering your hair consistently, while you ran over tonight's plan of action: the party.


Kayko's Point of View


"Botan have you seen my pink top? It's got a love heart on it." You called to the blue-haired reaper as you tugged up your pink frilly skirt, plopping on your shoes as you go, you sighed frustrated.

The others and yourself were all getting ready for the dinner party around Brianey's house, having heard the news when Yusuke and Hiei had come home not long ago.


They didn't seem too happy about it though... and Yusuke looked very annoyed. Maybe I should go talk to him? No, maybe not. He hasn't spoken a word to me since he found out about Yuki...

"Here it is! All ironed and everything, Kurama must have done it earlier." Botan tossed you the top, smiling, she pulled her head back out from the door way; disappearing to her own room. You pulled the top over your head, applying some pink tinted lip gloss before heading out of the room; going down the stairs to the living room where the boys were already gathered.

"Kayko, you look gorgeous." You blushed as Yuki strode to you kissing your cheek and holding your hand. You saw Yusuke's face darken in rage but you shrugged it off as Botan arrived in the room. You smiled at her black knee length dress and looked to the others.


Looking back at Yuki you smiled, at him as he returned it. Things were going well for you and Yuki. Being one of the few to receive a territory and be trained through Genkai, along with the others from 2 years ago, Yuki  already knew of Spirit World - there were no secrets between you. This eased you, though tension was still very, very high between your other Mazoku best friend, and once lover. The engagement had been called off, when Yusuke had cheated with a 'one off fling'. You were still sore about that. More because you stilled loved him, even if you were with Yuki. You frowned. My life is so complicated; I don't even know if this is what I want. Yuki was there for me at a bad time, I don't know if I love him... or if it's just convenient...

"Shall we go... or wait a while?" You asked around the room for an answer, trying to divert your concentration elsewhere from what you were thinking about. It didn't do you well to dwell on such problems. Luckily Kurama was the one who provided you with an answer.

"Let's wait another five minutes - they may not be ready yet and we are a little early. They said 7: 30 and it's 7:25, now."

"Why did we even agree to this thing?" Yusuke breathed; he was standing in the corner looking out the window glaring slightly with his hands in his black, slightly baggy jeans. He was wearing a white sleeveless top and his 'good' trainers. You sighed.

"Because detective, this will give us a chance to learn about our assignment better. Her family and the way they interact is a key to knowing why she was not informed of her true self." 

"What did you say? Don't call her an assignment you ass!" Yusuke had whipped around to Hiei when he had spoken and you felt your heart jolt at the look he was giving him.


Does he like Brianey? Well I know he does, she is our friend... but does he like her more than that?


Panic ensued, though you were unable to find out why, Hiei's blunt remark filled the room.

"Hn. She is - we were ordered to watch her, learn about her and to, if necessary, take her to Koenma. That is an assignment. The fact that the rest of you now see her as a friend and member of our 'group' does not change the facts."  Your eyes flared up as you felt anger boil up in you.

"Brianey is our friend! How could you even say that Hiei - even you like her you just won't admit it!" Every eye flew to yours, staring at you from your outburst; Yusuke especially had a very surprised look. You turned to him glaring.

"What? She is. She's my friend too, why would you be so surprised about that?" He glared again but it was slightly softer.

"Because you're the one, who for the past six weeks we've been here, has not talked to her much." He replied. The room was quiet. Well... true, I haven't talked to her much... Not anyone really except Yuki...

"Let's just go now." You evaded heading to the door.


Brianey/ Your Point of View


"Gimme a damn second!" You yelled to the door as you pulled your top over your head, you messed your hair up again and you growled. "Screw it; I don't give a damn anymore!" You threw the bathroom door open and, hanging the towels up, ran down the stairs two at a time and headed to the kitchen; you stopped in the door way, surprised.

"Mom... we're havin' seven people over not the freakin' England football (Soccer) squad!"  You exclaimed. Your mother turned to you with a disapproving look and continued to dish out the potatoes into a bowel, she handed it to you.

"Table please... and don't complain we hardly ever have friends of yours over."

"What the heck you talkin' bout this is the first time we've ever had my mate's 'round." You commented, however you quickly walked out the room as she scowled at you.

"Dad, where do I put this?" You asked, he too, was staring at the array of food already piled on the table in disbelief. Hearing your voice however he looked up, his deep purple eyes looking into your storm raged ones. He shrugged.

"Dunno, your mother seems to be going over the top slightly. She always does that... ever since I knew her..." You saw his face turn dreamy and you rolled your eyes. Oh dad's such a prat when it comes to mom. Ah well. You chuckled and put the bowel down after making space for it.


Knock, knock, knock.


"Got it!" You shouted to your parents, as you dashed to the door. You flicked the latch and opened it wide, seeing the gang standing there. You grinned.

"Hey... I hope you have a big appetite mom's gone mad with the cookin." You glanced back at the kitchen with an awkward look before moving out of the way.

"Come on in."

"Thanks Bri, it smells really nice," Botan chimed as she bounced into the room, you shook your head and as the last person enters - that being Hiei, you closed the door and motion for them to follow you.


Ok, weird I have no clue what to do. You frowned as you entered the dining room, the others behind you all filed in and sat around the table. Your dad was at the head of it.

"Guy's this is my dad, Ryan. Dad this is, Yusuke," you point to him and he nodded.



"Nice to meet you."


"Wow, look at all... oof- lil! Oh... hehe - Hello!" You rolled your eyes, but smiled slightly.

"Botan, Kayko and Yuki." You pointed to them and they smiled and waved slightly. Your dad smiled his lopsided smirk.


Dad always appears to be sinister. You chuckled slightly. You turned to the last person.

"And, Hiei - he's the one that's been helpin' me." You glanced at your father, seeing him skim over Hiei, who kept a blank expression.

"Here we go, sorry it took so long." Your mother's voice sounded sheepish as she came in with the last - you hoped - of the food she'd cooked.

You side-glanced at the others, and almost burst out laughing at Yusuke and Kazuma, who were eyeing the food like Christmas had come early.

"Oh, I'm Bri's mom call me Jules please." Your mother announced as she sat at the end of the table she smiled at the group who all nodded and gazed at the food.

"help yourselves;" You gestured to the food but instantly regretted it as Yusuke and Kazuma dove for the potatoes, almost making the jug of gravy fall to the floor. Luckily Hiei grabbed it looking highly annoyed, frowning.

"Baka's eat civilly! Or are you that primal?"

You slapped your head and look down. Oh no... Here we go... You focused on your parents, who looked mildly alarmed at the sudden commotion. The others all shifted awkwardly.

"Sorry... they like their food." Kayko gripped her voice strained into politeness, but you could hear anger in it. Like she wanted nothing better than to slap both boys for their behaviour. Yusuke on the other hand, laughed.

"Sorry... I haven't eaten all day my stomach got the best of me." He sat back down, ignoring the murderous glares he received from both the girls and put helpings of everything on his plate, only much more carefully. You sighed.

"Yeah... sorry." Kazuma copied Yusuke; you bit your lip nervously. Nice going dufus...  You chastised mentally. You loaded your plate with mash potato, vegetables and a helping of beef, the others follow suite and for a while it was quiet... awkwardly quiet.


Shuichi's Point of View (Kurama)


This is not going well... at all. You commented silently as you took a bite of the beef, you smiled.

"The food is lovely, what did you use for dressing?"

"Oh, I used a bit of soy sauce and herbs? Why?" You smiled seeing the other looking at you, Brianey looked relieved.


Probably glad it's not quiet anymore... You noted chuckling. "That's good, I normally use that with a pinch of chillies brings out more flavour."

Brianey's mother nodded thoughtfully and you continued to engage her in cooking recipes. You were surprised at how alike you were. You gazed around the room to see Yusuke cracking jokes, to which everyone including Brianey's father, were laughing at. You smiled inwardly glad to see that the dinner was finally taking a turn for the better.


"Kurama, see if you can find anything out from her mother... I will contact Yusuke to ask her father."


"Hiei? ...But what if they suspect something?"


"I'm sure you know what subtlety means fox, we need to learn more... so far we know nothing and we have been here for over an hour."  You sighed, agitated at the lack of patience your small friend had, but nevertheless you planned a way to asked without raising too much suspicion.


I have to be very careful in what I say. You reasoned as you begin to call up a good idea. Finally you had one.

"Miss Walker,"

"Please, I said call me Jules." You nodded politely.

"Jules, I was wondering how did you and your husband meet?"


The room turned silent, you bit your lip, exchanging a look with Hiei as Brianey looked at her mother, and her father took a nervous sip of his drink.

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Chapter 8
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