Red Roses or White Roses
Author: SalyaDarken
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2015-07-21 02:07:26
Tags: Kurama x Oc, YYH, Kurama, Roses, Vday

This is just a random fluffy one-shot... about my oc Rose and her boyfriend/mate Kurama. Please be nice if you comment this.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Disclaimer: I don't own YYH nor it's characters. I only own my oc, Rose as my best friend, Amia, owns Kita.
Chapter 1
First Chapter

She laid her head on her desk, yawning lightly. She knew that that one day that her long time boyfriend liked and she didn't see why. She closed her dark blue eyes as her silver fox tail with a black tip, moved slightly from the side of her. She moved back and looked at her tail before sighing. She then reached over her head and touched her left silver fox ear, making both fox ears twitched lightly. She lowered her hand and sighed.

“Rose, are you having problems keeping them hidden?” A voice came from the doorway.

Rose looked over and sighed lightly. “Yea... I didn't even do anything this time..” She said lightly.

From the doorway, stood her long time boyfriend, Kurama. He smiled lightly as he walked over and lightly touched both her right black ear and her left silver ear which made them twitched. “Then what was you thinking of?”

She sighed lightly. “Ways to talk you out of doing weird 'human' things tomorrow...”

He blinked lightly. “Does Rose hate this time of the year?” He asked lightly.

She leaned back in her chair as she pressed her head against his chest and closed her eyes. “I don't hate it... I just don't like it...” She said after thinking a bit. “In fact... I only like the roses that I see...”

He thought a bit then shook his head lightly. “Rose, you just like the candy more then the roses, right?”

She thought a bit as her fox ears and tail disappeared. She moved sideways and stood up. “hmm maybe but I also like just having you around...”

He watched her walk over to her bed and sit down, patting the bed next to her. He went over and sat next to her. “So you don't mind me being around so much?” He asked lightly as he reached over and lightly touched her long black hair.

She looked at him and smiled lightly. “Kurama, I like having you around. As this or as Youko.” She said softly. It was true that she like having him again. It was better then being alone in the shrine like house.

Kurama leaned over and kissed her softly. “So what don't you like about Valentine's Day?” He asked lightly. He wanted to know, so he won't do anything to annoy her. He leaned back and lightly played with her hair with his fingers.

Rose thought a bit since she knew what he was doing. “Simple. You using Kita to make things for you and waking up to see red.” She told him softly.

He blinked lightly. “You knew what that?”

She nodded. “Kit-Kat and I are good friends. We tell each other everything.”

He sighed lightly. “I knew letting you meet her was going to hurt me in the long run...” He muttered lightly.

She giggled lightly. “Poor Fox.”

-Next day-

Rose rolled over and let out a low growl once the sun's rays of light entered her room. She knew that if she opened her eyes that she would see red roses since those where her mate's roses. So she pulled her soft covers over her head as her fox ears twitched to the bedroom door opening.

Kurama sighed lightly as he stood in the doorway. It was only 10 am by the time the sun's light would fully enter her room which he was glad from since seeing her annoyed by the early time wasn't something he liked. Letting her sleep more, he walked out of her room and went to the small kitchen.

In the kitchen, he read over Kita's notes and quietly made some sweets that he thought be different this year. He been baking since 8 am, and yet he had only a few good cookies out of it. He knew that his skill in baking was as high as his sister's but he was trying to do something new.

Back in Rose's room, Rose sighed and sat up. She opened her eyes and looked over, only to blink. “it's... white this year...” She whispered lightly, eying the simple white rose. She reached over and picked it up. “Ok.. Kurama is up to something if he used my favorite colored rose.” She muttered lightly, eying the slightly opened door.

A few minutes after getting up and dressed, she walked into the front room and looking around. She could smell cookies and thought it was weird since she knew that Yusuke have Kita to himself. Doing gods know what. She flinched lightly at the thought as she walked to the kitchen area. She walked into the kitchen and blinked lightly followed by giggling.

Kurama looked over at her and blinked lightly. “Morning Rose... what's got you giggling so much?” He asked lightly as he got confused.

She walked over after she stopped giggling and smiled. “My fox's red hair is turning white.” She said lightly as she reached up and brushed some flower from his red hair.

He blinked then sighed lightly. “That bad?”

She smiled sweetly. “Yep. Next time, let Kita do the baking. I don't mind you asking her for help.”

He leaned over and kissed her lightly. “You just like her cookies.”

She giggled lightly. “Maybe.”

He shook his head slightly and smiled. “Should I tell Kita about that?”

She thought a bit as she went around him and took one of his cookies. “Nope since she knows.” She told him before taking a small bit from the cookie. She blinked lightly. “Wow.. it's good.” She said as her tail wagged lightly behind her.

He sighed lightly. 'Really should have not let them meet...' He thought to himself as he went behind her and wrapped his arms around her body softly. He blinked lightly then smiled softly. “So you like it?”

She nodded. “It's not as pretty as Kita's but it's really good.” She said, eating the cookie slowly. She then blushed once she noticed how close he was.

“I'm glad that you like it.”

She smiled lightly and leaned back against him. “I also like what you did with the different rose this year too.”

He blinked a bit then smiled softly. “So you prefer white roses over red roses, right?”

She nodded as she bit another cookie. “White is pure as Red is blood. Simple.”

Kurama sighed lightly at her reasons then smiled lightly and hugged her softly. “So what do you like to do today?”

Rose thought a bit. “Watch movies and just be near you.”

He thought a bit then kissed her cheek. “Simple but it might be fun.”

She smiled sweetly and licked him on the lips softly. “That's the point, Fox.”
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Chapter 1
First Chapter
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