Crystal - Dawn of a new Champion [9]
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2011-07-16 13:44:53
Tags: Pokemon, Pokémon, Wally, Brendan, Crystal, Dawn, Red, Gold, Blue, Unova, N

Crystal and the boys arrive in Unova. Er… Sort of. Crystal meets an odd man with strange hair and an even stranger name. Afterwards, she and the boys head to the regional Professor's lab.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
(Credit for the top pic goes to voltali-obscur on DA.) Sorry this one's so short, but I really wanted to get a new chapter out ASAP. ^^ Also sorry if the answers get really crappy about halfway through; I was so freaking tired. I could barely keep my eyes open. ^^;;
Chapter 9
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Everything's dark.
Really dark.
You realize that your eyes are closed, but when you try to open them, they won't listen.
Someone is beating on your chest in a steady beat of one, two, three. Then they press their lips to yours and start blowing air into your lungs.
As they start beating on your chest again, you cough, and water splutters out of your mouth.
The person rolls you onto your side, and you start coughing the water out of your lungs.
Gagh! Damn, what happened?!
^I'm not sure, but whatever it was, it wasn't pleasant! XP
You guys do realize that now we've had four kisses; two of which weren't really kisses at all! >:(
^SO, we want some Bishie lip action! =D And not the accidental or 'save your life' kind.
^Yeah, we want the HOT kind! =3
^*smacks* Mind out of the gutter. NOW. (6; Aww, but the gutter's fun! =D) No.
^I see we're back to our old shenanigans. Ah, it's good to be back. :) (6; Question! Where'd we go? =]) *facepalm*
Finally you open your eyes and see a boy with green hair and green eyes leaning over you. "Hey! Thank goodness you're alive." he sighs, helping you sit up.
"What happened?" you ask hoarsely, rubbing a bump on your head.
Owww… X.X
^Uwah, what do we do?! XD
^Glomp him! Glomp him like there's no tomorrow! XD
^-.- You all do realize that we just escaped death, right?
^So? He's a bishie, what else matters?
^Is he available? (6; Again, does it matter?) o.O
"I'm not really sure; I just found you drowning in the lake over there." He gestures to your left, and you turn to find a lake just like he said, with rubble floating to the top.
"You saved my life." :)
"Dude, you saved me!" =D
"Did you just save me from drowning?" o.O
"Oh hey, look. The plane crashed after all. Guess you saved me then?" -.-
^How can you be so relaxed?! o.O
"You... you saved me!" =O
"You, uh... you saved me!" *remembering the CPR* ^///^
^What're you blushing for?! C'mere, bishie-boy! =D *grabs* (Ra; *smacks* No. -.-) But I- (Ra; I said NO. You'll get your action soon enough. ;3)
"Yeah… I guess I did."
"Thank you, er… What's your name?" you ask, turning back to him.
"N." he says.
"N? Is that a nickname or something?"
"I guess you could call it that." he says mysteriously.
…… This guy gives me the creeps. -_-;;
^Yeah, but he's still hot. ;3
^Pervert. (2; So? *waggles eyebrows*) *facepalm*
There's something… off about him.
^Well, in any case, he saved our lives. We should be grateful. ^^
^Yeah… But I can't get over how he responded to our question… Hedging much?
^Maybe he just has an embarrassing name? =D (6; *pats* It's so good to have an optimist like you on board. ^^)
^Even though she can be naïve sometimes. ^^ (6; Exactly. :]) (7; Hmm? =]??) (8&6; Nothing. ^^;;)
A thought occurs to you. "The boys!" you gasp.
Oh shit, the boys! O.O;;
Our bishies! DX
All right, girls, suit up!
^*kicks* This is no time for How I Met Your Mother references! >:\
^Oh come on, dude! At least let us use Barney's catchphrases! That guy's *high-pitched* awesome! =D
^*smacks* No. -_- (5; hey thanks, 6! =D) Shut up. I was only doing it 'cause 5 annoys me. >.>
Oh crap oh crap oh crap the boys! ˃.˂ *runs to them*
^Whoaa, hold yer horses, 7. I'm worried, too, but Raven will sic the blazing fires of Hell on our asses if we do that. -.-;;
"Huh? Oh, you mean those guys?" N gestures to his right, where the boys are drying off and checking their backpacks to make sure nothing's lost. "They're fine, I think, just a little-" You run before he can finish, only one thing on your mind – are your boys okay?!
Boyyyss! DX *glomps them*
Omg are you guys okay?! *tackles*
Waah Wally! TT^TT You're okay, right? Tell me you're okay! DX *hugs*
^Jeez, calm down. They're fine. *rolls eyes*
^How do you know that? *glares* (4; Well, they’re breathing, aren’t they?) …… Smug bitch. >.>
You guys can all hug Wally, Silver and Brendan, /I'm/ going to go glomp Blue. ;3
^Oh, no you're not. You're going to come with us, hug the hometown bishies, and LIKE it.
^I like it! =D (6; No one cares, 8.) >:*
You tackle your boys, squeezing them tight in a group hug. "Guys! Oh thank Arceus you're safe!" you gush, letting them go to look them over.
"Crystal! Dammit, we're such asses!" Silver sighs heavily, hugging you back.
Yes, you are. but why? =)
You fugging bastards! D:˂ *kicks* ...... Waitta minute what did you do? >:\
^...... I really freaking hate you sometimes, you know that? (1; Well, you know what they say; haters gotta hate. :]) @#$5 you.
^XD Zomg you just got PWND, my dear 1. ^^ *claps*
^O.O You guys scare me. Like, ALL the time. *shivers*
^Oh you're just a stick-up-her-ass alien. ^^ Hey, foot! Say hi to stick for me! =D *kicks* (6; OW! What the heck is wrong with -
^you?! O.O;;) (7; See! I kicked her and she STILL didn't swear! I knew it! You're an ALIEN! =O) *facedesk* I am –
^surrounded by idiots. -.-;;) (Ra; Yes, you are. ^^ *props feet up on 7's head*) (7; *double facepalm*) You mad, bro? =] (7; *death glare*) XD Dude I'm immune! ;9 Sorry bro! *runs*
"I can't believe we forgot to see if you're okay! You are okay, right?" he asks worriedly.
"Yeah, you didn't get a concussion or anything, right?" Wally frets, hugging you.
"No, I'm fine. But it's only thanks to that N guy."
"What guy?" Red asks. You turn to point him out, but he's gone.
That's weird...
Omg is he a ghost?! =O
^I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to smack the stupidity out of you. *smacks*
^Am I the only one who noticed that the SR disappeared? o.O
^Meh. That just means that Raven's too lazy to type TWO EXTRA LETTERS. e.e;
^Yeah, she's so lazy. XD (Ra; *smacks* Shaddup. I wrote this answer right here and most of the others just five hours short of
^having been awake for 24 hours. =.=) O.O Jeez, girl, what's wrong with you? (Ra; Imma trying to make my sleeping hours –
^normal! =D *facedesk* Zzz...) What does that even mean?! DX (Ra; Mrph. Zzz...)
"Anyway… You guys are all okay, right?" you ask, turning back to them. You blush as you notice that they've all taken off their shirts to dry them off.
Oh my. O///O
*nosebleeds* X.X
^Oh no she passed out from blood loss! =O
^Really? We're doing this again? -///-
So... so hot! ˃///˂
Yay shirtless bishies! ^///^
Must... glomp... shirtless boys! =D
*smacks* No. Hands off, 7. (7; But bishies! ˃=O) /NO./ (7; Hey wait; why aren't YOU blushing?!) I'm immune to Bishie hotness. -_- (All; 0o0 Ooooh...)
"Crystal? Are sure you're okay? You look feverish." Blue says, standing to feel your forehead.
"I-I'm fine!" you say quickly, dismissing it with a two-handed wave. "Just a little light-headed from lack of oxygen…"
"SURE you are…" says a familiar voice.
Awwright, who's the wise guy? >:\
^Calm down. I think I know who it is.
Omg it's- (Ra; *smacks with Plot Fork* No. You'll ruin the surprise.)
^What surprise? Obviously it's- (Ra; SILENCE, LOWLY PEASANT!!!) Oh lord not the Queen Raven routine... -.-;;
^Lord Raven, may I chop off the bitch's head? =D (4; O.O;;) (Ra; No, we need her. I have many plans for this one.) Kk! ^^
^o.O Anyway... Was HE always such a smartass? ^^;;
^Would someone PLEASE tell me who the hell this guy is?!
^Sorry, dude. That's for us to know, and you to find out. ;) (7; You don't know either, huh? >:]) ...... Dammit, no! ˃.˂;;
"Pokabu!" You lift him up into the air, grinning at him. "I'm so glad you're okay! Where were you hiding?" you ask, cradling him in your arms.
"I was waiting here with the guys; you looked like you we're being taken care of."
W-what's that supposed to mean?! O///O
Just what exactly are you implying?! ˃:\
The hell, dude?! ˃///˂
Dude! Don't you realize I'm trying to get in his pants?! *points to one of the boys* How could you sabotage me like that?! ˃=O
^*facepalm* You, miss, make me embarrassed to be the same gender - no, the same SPECIES as you. -.-;;
I-it wasn't what it looked like? ^///^;;
Yeah that N guy was sooo nice! =D Can I play with him again tomorrow, Pokabu-kun? Huh? Huh? Can I? =]???
^*pats* You're such a... SPECIAL child... ^^;; (7; Yaay! =D)
He winks at you, smiling as you blush. "Wh-what's that supposed to mean?!" you demand, setting him down and sitting next to him. "Oh nothing." he smiles mischievously.
I'm gonna kill that little punk if he keeps saying things like that. (-_- ╬)
^Please calm down, 1. ^^;; He's just a Pokémon! (1; So? I've been feeling... VIOLENT lately. ^^)
^Nooo, 1-sama! Don't kill Pokabu-kun! DX
^Been watching anime again, 3? (3; Yeah how'd you know? =] ) *sigh* so easy to distract... ˃.˃;;
^I worry about that girl sometimes. (4; You mean ALL the time, don't you?) Yes... -_-;;
You gonna make fun of me for having my life saved? ^^ Well, two can play that game. ˃:) (Po; Wh... what're you gonna do?)
^(6; Oh, you'll see. ˃:]) 6... Don't hurt him too much, okay? We need him for battles and stuff... (6; No promises. ;3)
Stop messing with my head, man! DX
Suddenly you sneeze, starting to feel really cold. Red glances at you. "You're going to catch cold if you stay like that; you need to take those clothes off." You all stare at him, and he stares blankly back until he realizes how that sounded. "I… I didn't mean…!" he stammers, blushing. "I didn't mean it like that! I swear!"
"Yeah, sure, Red. Just keep telling yourself that." Gold laughs. Red shoots him a glare.
"Oh, get your mind out of the gutter!" he snaps.
XD Smooooth, Red, real smooth. ;3
D'aww, he's pretty cute when he's flustered! =3
^Yes, yes he is. ^^ *snuggles*
Imma help Gold! =D *pokes Red*
^*smacks* No helping Gold tease Red. (-_- ╬)
^Aww, but it's fun! ˃:]
^You, miss, should be locked up in a psych ward. ^^
^Like the one in Blood to Meat? (6; *kicks* No references to other Raven stories. ^^ Besides, it was a Rehab in BtM, not a Psych ward.)
You shake your hair, spraying them all with the resulting mist. "Enough! No more fighting! I agree with Red; I DO need to change clothes." You stand, grabbing your backpack. "We should find somewhere to change."
"In that case, let's just go to Prof. Juniper's lab!" Gold suggests, hopping to his feet.
"What do you mean?" Blue asks.
"Oh! Prof. Elm said that we'd be meeting up with Prof. Juniper, the professor who invited him at her lab here in…" He digs in his backpack for a map. "Nuvema town!"
"Where were we supposed to land?" Wally asks.
"Uh…" Gold looks at the map.
"Mistralton." Red answers automatically. He notices you all staring at him, and quickly adds; "I like to know where I'm going." He crosses his arms defensively. Blue smirks and stands, pulling Red up with him.
"Well, then, let's go find Juniper's lab!"

Sorry it's so short! ^^;; But I really wanted to get this out ASAP! :) Also be sure to read the special scene from N's point of view in the results! =D

See you there! ♥♥♥
I don't care about that. ˃.˃
...... We'll see.
Sure thing! =D
Hm... you haven't done a non-story question in a while...
^I know, right? =O
Kk. *goes to results*
Special scene?! =O Omg awesome! =D

Chapter 9
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