Chasing White Shadows in a Black Sky (An N One-Shot)
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Published: 2011-09-24 04:06:17
Tags: N, Harmonia, Crystal, Zekrom, Reshiram, one-shot

Crystal, a young trainer from Nuvema, has suffered through the events of Pokémon White. One year later, Crystal walks down memory lane. But she gets more than she expected when she sees a familiar figure on the horizon. Will the two be reunited, or will the gap between them be forced permanently wider?

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
OMGWTFI'MSOSORRY!!!! DX I totally forgot I was supposed to do the one-shot thing! ^^;; You all hate me now don't you? ;-; As for Crystal; major delays. In the form of total writer's block in the Answers division. And a little in the Story division too. But I AM working on on a short story involving the Shadow Triad. May post it, may not. Depends on whether or not it contains spoilers for the main story. And may I say sorry a few thousand more times? Also the Crystal in this story is the game version that Crystal Dawn is partly based on.

I sighed as I walked into Nimbasa. Another day of trying to reach the mythical “Lv. 100.” 
Since that day, nothing had felt right. I may only have known him for the few days where we’d bumped into each other, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. 
Maybe I should go see where he revealed to me who he really was.
I went east to the amusement park, where the Ferris wheel laid. It was fall again, and the multicolored leaves crunched under my feet louder than I would have liked.
“Hi there!” I glanced at the girl sitting at the bottom of the Ferris wheel. “Are you here to ride the Ferris wheel too?” 
“Yeah, I guess.” I mumbled, staring up at the turning wheel. 
“Then, if you wouldn’t mind, would you ride it with me? You might think it’s lame, but I’m a little scared to go alone. “ 
“Fine.” I sighed, following her into one of the carts. 
A few minutes into the ride, she started talking. About shopping, friends, Pokémon, things like that. I nodded silently as she yammered on, staring out the window.
“And I can’t believe he did that!” I realized with a start that she was talking about a guy she was dating. I listened a little more closely, watching as she animatedly described things with her hands. It all sounded so simple compared to what I was going through. 
I absentmindedly glanced out the window again, and what I saw made me press my hands against the glass as I stared intently down at the fairgrounds. 
A large white Pokémon leaned over a bench, where a boy with green hair was setting something down on the bench. He looked up at my cart, a soft smile barely visible from where I was sitting, and my heart skipped a beat.
“Hey, you okay?” I glanced over at the girl, then cursed myself for looking away from the boy, and hurried to find him again.
But all I saw was the white Pokémon’s rear as it flew away. 
“Damn it!” I cried, tears welling up in my eyes. Couldn’t he have waited just a few minutes longer?
Our cart didn’t get to the ground fast enough, and as soon as the door unlocked, I was out and running towards the bench where he’d been standing. 
The only thing that showed he had ever been here was his hat, lying on the end of the bench. I carefully picked it up; afraid it was just an illusion that would disperse if I held it too roughly. 
I bit my lip, glaring up at the setting sun he’d disappeared into and cursing him for not waiting longer. 
I was about to throw the hat as hard as I could into the nearby pond, but a glimpse of something stopped me short. 
A neatly folded letter was tucked into the hat, with my name elegantly scrawled on the front. I unfolded it and ran my eyes over it, the words not sinking in until my fifth time though. 
I crumpled up the letter in frustration, letting it fall to the ground as I reached for Xen’s Poké Ball. 
I sent Xen out and climbed onto his back.
I’m sorry, but I couldn’t wait here any longer.
“Fly! Please, go after him!” I begged Xen. He nodded quietly and took off.
I’ve finally found who I truly am, and what I want to do with my life. 
“Hurry!” I sobbed, holding on tightly to Xen and gripping the hat in my right hand. 
I had hoped that I could share this decision with you in person, but it seems that it was not meant to be.
Memories flashed through my mind; our first battle in Accumula Town… when he first talked about Reshiram in Nacrene… when he told me he was the king of Team Plasma in Nimbasa… when he told me about his dream in Chargestone Cave…  when he talked to Embuoh and learned about me in Mistralton… when he woke Reshiram and told me that the only way to stop him was to awake Zekrom… when his castle rose from the ground around the Unova League… and when we battled, pitting our Pokémon against each other as we fought for our ideals and truths, and, after defeating his supposed ‘father’, when he bid me farewell and flew away from his castle…
I’d tell you not to follow me, but I know that you wouldn’t listen anyway.
I looked around wildly, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.
You've grown on me, Crystal. To tell the truth, I didn’t come here just to tell you my decision.
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I desperately searched for him. 
I wanted to ask you a question, to which I was hoping you would say yes.
“Damn him!” I cried, covering my face with his hat. “Why…? Why does he insist on toying with me like this?!” 
I was planning on asking you to come with me; to help me rescue Pokémon who need rescuing. 
“If he wanted me to go with him, then he should have waited!” I growled, my misery growing into anger. 
I’m sorry. More so than I can say. I do hope that we will meet again someday. There is nothing that I would like more than to see your smiling face again.
“Then why did you leave?” I hissed, glaring at his hat. 
I’d had it up to here with that word. 
Tears fell onto his hat as I silently started crying again. I knew what I was going to do.
I was going to become Champion. My name was going to be heard in all regions. That way, no matter where he was, he would know that he would always have a home to return to, and that Zekrom, Kyurem and I would be waiting for him and Reshiram to return.
“It’s okay, Xen. You can stop now.” I whispered, gently placing a hand on his head. He slowed and landed near Striaton. 
“Are you okay, Crystal?” he asked softly. 
“I’m fine. Though I have found a new goal that I’m determined to reach.” 
“It’s always good to have goals.” He smiled. 
“Yeah… Come on; we’re going to Lacunosa to train.”
“Are we still going for Level one-hundred?” 
“Not exactly.” He looked at me curiously. “We’re going to train and get as strong as we can, and then we’re going to defeat the Elite Four… again. But this time we’re going to defeat the Champion, too.” He grinned and pushed us off the ground, flying towards Lacunosa Town. 
Nothing is black and white, but some things are clear. The journey I had ahead of me was not one of them, but what I wanted was. 
I wanted us to meet again.
And N.
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