Platinum Hiro - A Nuzlocke Story [5]
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Published: 2011-12-05 09:20:13
Tags: Platinum, Pokemon, Hiro, Marcos, Yuki, Team Plasma,

With his second badge in hand, it’s time for Hiro to run into all the crazy people of Eterna and kick some more Galactic ass. A shattering loss fueling his anger, Hiro's feeling violent. But then on his way to Hearthome, Hiro runs into Cyrus, who is muttering to himself again. Why has he been feeling so tired lately…? Maybe he'll get some answers soon… Pfft. Yeah, right!

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
(No pic for now...) Damn Cynthia's crazy. Anyway Platinum Hiro will now be updating Mondays AND Thursdays so I'll be caught up in time for a Christmas Special! =D Gonna suck not being five chapters ahead, but it's WORTH IT to be able to write the special with my current team! Just a few more chapters...
Chapter 8
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"I'm glad you made it here in time. I know what it's like to lose a Pokémon."
"Thank you." I smile up at her, turning the badge in my hands.
"I have to get going, new challengers and such."
"Bye, Gardenia!"
"Hey, any time you're in Eterna!"
"Sure thing!" I laugh. 
"Don't forget you can use Cut outside of battle now!"
"Who're you gonna teach it to?" Chatter asks, Regina sleeping on his shoulder. The medicine they gave her made her really tired.
"Hm… Beethoven, probably. Or Marx. I'm not sure."
"I don't think they can learn that move. How about Chuck?"
"… Okay."
Chuck learned Cut!
Chuck is now an HM mule!
"So, where should we go?"
"Well…" Zelda yawns. "It's late, so I vote we find somewhere to sleep for the night. But other than that… I heard rumors that Team Galactic is causing trouble in town. They even have an HQ or whatever here."
"… Where did you hear all that?"
"Places. Plus there are Grunts littering the streets and a super-conspicuous building in the north behind some tree saps that apparently pass for security for them. Honestly I don't know how you missed them."
"………When did you become such a smart ass?"
"I dunno. Sometime around when I evolved, I guess." She shrugs. "Can we sleep here tonight?"
"I guess." I sigh, watching as she curls around Arty and starts to sleep next to Chatter. Arty snuggles into her fur, a content look on his face, and Chatter places his paw over hers. I smile at how close they've become. I still miss Link and Max, but Zelda and Regina are two fine additions to our team.
I stifle a laugh at the memory of Valley Windworks, when I found out that they had named our team.
'Team Diamond… I like the sound of that.'
[@ The Galactic HQ or whatever]
"You, there! Take me to your leader! That just never gets old…" I laugh, wrapping my arm around a grunt's shoulders.
"Hiro, it's me!"
"'Me' who?" I raise an eyebrow. 
"Looker!" he hisses.
"…" He stares at me expectantly. "Why?"
"I'm undercover!"
"……… Well you seem to have this all under control." I say, turning on my heel. "Later."
"Wait! They have a hostage!"
"… Okay, who is it?"
"The bike shop owner."
"Crap. Okay, I'll help."
"Great! Up those stairs, then up a couple more stairs, and the member in charge should be in the first room to the left."
"So you're going to be no help at all, huh?"
"I have more important things to do! Bye!"
He wanders off before I can say anything.
"God dammit." I sigh. "………… I'm gonna go train first!"
[@ Route 205]
Hilda learned Tackle!
"… Please… Please don't do this to me. Marx!" 
"Sorry… I… I couldn't make up for what I did to your Starly…"
"It's okay. Just… don't die. Please."
"I guess… I've… really let you down, huh?"
"No… No, you've never let me down."
"I'm sorry I was so careless."
"It's not your fault. I should've been more attentive to your health."
"Thank you… for not... hating me…"
R.I.P. Marx
Thank you for always being there when I needed you
[Three floors of Galactic ass-kickings later]
"Okay… where… is… your leader?" I pant.
"Well we're done here, so let's just-"
"Oh no you don't, bitch." I grab her by her purple hair as she tries to leave. "My starter Pokémon almost died three times because of your goons. Not to mention my Onix. He actually died while I was training for this!"
"Not my problem, kid."
"Oh yes it's your problem. You know why? Because after all I've been through in the past day, I'm angry. And kicking the ass of some cult moron sounds pretty therapeutic."
"Fine. I'll humor you."
Battle! Hiro Vs. Jupiter!
Zelda Vs. Zubat
"Zelda, Spark!"
Zelda's Rivalry kicked in!
"Ready to get zapped into next week?"
"I'd like to see you try." the Zubat sneers. "After I kick your ass I think I'll show that fine piece of monkey you have over there how a real woman treats a man."
1-hit K.O.!
Winner: Zelda!
"Sorry, bitch, you're not his type."
Chatter Vs. Skuntank
"Okay, what's good against Poison and Dark?" I grumble.
"I think Fighting's good against Dark." Chatter offers.
"Okay, then. Time to spam Mach Punch."
It wasn't very effective…
"Oh yeah, Fighting's no good against Poison." Chatter bites his lip.
"GODDAMMIT. We'll just have to spam Flame Wheel instead."
Winner: Chatter!
"Dammit all to hell…" Jupiter spits. "Stupid kids, always messing up our plans." She reaches over and flicks my forehead.
"I.. I didn't mean… I was just… I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that nothing I can say or do will ever make this right!"
"He says he's so sorry."
"I know. I'm just gonna miss him…"
"I'll fight my hardest. I'm never going to let you down. I'll make sure your friend's death wasn't a waste. I promise…"
"Hiro!" Chatter shakes me awake. 
"Those damn Galactics." I spit, sitting up. 
"Hiro… Are you okay?" Arty asks carefully.
"I'm fine. Why?"
"Well… You're crying."
"Huh?" I wipe my eyes, finding that what he says is true.
"Why am I…?"
"Maybe he had a bad dream?" Arty suggests. 
"I think that's it…" I smile at Chatter as he hands me a handkerchief to wipe my eyes with. "Now, then. How long was I out?"
"Just long enough for Team Galactic to pack up and hightail it out of here." Zelda pipes up. "You're a really deep sleeper, dude."
"I have to be. You have no idea how many sleepovers I spent being woken up by Marcos bugging me every five fucking minutes."
"You still have sleepovers?" Regina snorts.
"Not out of choice. Marcos demands to sleep over at my house at least once a week." I sigh. "Actually today would probably have been this week's sleepover. I kinda miss it actually…" 
"And just how many days have you been gone from home, exactly?" Regina asks. 
"It's been two weeks." Chatter says.
"Yeah. I thought so." Regina rolls her eyes.
"You're a bitch!" Hilda cheers.
"I don't have to take that from you, Magikarp."
"I take no offense to that."
"You can't win this one, babe." Zelda snorts.
"Shut up, worm."
"Oh, I'm sorry, I think you're confused. I'm actually a cat. But that bird brain of yours probably doesn't know the difference, huh?"
"Why you little-"
"Arty don't be sexist."
"Says the guy who keeps telling Yuki to make you a sandwich." Chatter smirks.
"That's just a joke! It's not like I mean it or anything… And anyway she started it!"
"Aren't they cute at that age?" Zelda giggles, nudging Chatter.
"I'm pretty sure I'm older than all of you."
"And that's what makes it so funny!" she laughs.
"… I hate you all." I turn and start to walk down the stairs. 
"Oh, come on! It's a joke! Hiro!" I'm halfway down the second set of stairs when she says; "Don't you wanna know what happened to the bike guy?"
"… You suck."
[Near the bike shop]
"Hey Hiro I forgot to give you this!" Cynthia says, running into me.
"How do you know my-"
"I ran into your friend earlier - anyway it's not important. What is important is this!" She holds out a Pokémon egg. "I need you to take this."
"Don't ask questions just take the egg." She glares at me.
"… Okay."
"You're just saying that so she'll leave faster, huh?" Chatter asks.
"Oh wow you can talk to Pokémon?!?!?!"
"So can you really talk to Pokémon or are you one of those people who just says they can? 'Cause my boyfriend says he can but I don't believe him. I think he's just crazy."
"Anyway take care of that egg - who knows what it'll hatch into? Oh wait I do! Bye!"
"God damn she's weird. Anyway let's go to the bike store."
[@ the bike store]
"Thank you so much for saving my life! Here, take this bike!"
"Really? Uh… Thanks."
Hiro got a Bike!
[@ Route206]
"Hey boy before you go that way come this way!"
Hiro was introduced to Old Guy!
"Uh… okay."
Hiro got the Explorer's Kit!"
"Now take my challenge!"
"… And what would that be?"
"Go underground and dig up stuff for me?"
"I'm so lonely…"
[@ Pokémon Center]
"We'll be right back with your Pokémon!" The nurse gives a quick bow before walking into the other room with my Pokémon in their Poké Balls.
"Hey, boy!" a girl around my age chirps.
"OH MY GOD. If you're another one of those people who wants to drag me to strange places then just leave now."
"Uh, no… I just wanted to say you look like you're really good friends with your Pokémon." She backs away shyly. 
"Oh, I'm sorry. I've just been through a lot of crap today."
"It's fine!" She grins. "If you want to know exactly how well your Pokémon like you, I can give you a Pokétch app that does that." 
"That's really nice of you!" I smile at her. "That'd be great, thanks."
"I'm Rachel." she tells me as she fiddles with my Pokétch. 
"Nice to meet you, Hiro."
"Same to you, Rachel."
Hiro got Rachel's phone number!
Oh, and also an App.
[@ Route 206]
"Crap crap crap holy crap why can't I stop crashing into shit?!??!?!!"
"Hit the brakes!"
"Shut up Regina I know how to ride a bike!"
"Apparently not."
"Okay, I'll be quiet! Jeez."
"Finally some fucking grass!"
Rachel - Female Gligar, Sand Veil, Relaxed, Loves to eat, Likes Sour food.
"Named after that girl you met earlier? Really?" Regina scoffs.
"Don't be a bitch, Regina."
"I smell love in the air!" 
"Zelda, don't add fuel to the fire."
"But it's so fun to watch you young people fall in love…"
"Again, I'm older than you."
"So will Rachel be our sixth?" Arty asks.
"Oh… Yeah, we need a sixth, don't we." I sigh. I've gotten tired of training Hilda, so she stayed behind after our last PokéCenter trip. The egg Cynthia gave me takes up a space for some reason, so I only have one spot left to fill. "Sorry, Rachel, but I don't think we need you right now - we already have a Flying-Type, and I think we've got everything that Ground is good against covered."
"I understand. Call me when you need me!" She grins at me as she beams to the PokéCenter.
"I still have no fucking clue how that works."
[@ Oreburgh for a bit]
"Welcome back to the team, Rose!"
"Glad to be back, boss." She smiles softly.
"Finally another Fighting-Type!" Chatter high-fives her. "Fuck yeah! I was getting kinda lonely to tell you the truth. I'm looking forward to training with you!"
"Yeah… Me too." She blushes a little.
"Mrr…" Zelda growls, hiding behind me as she gives Rose the evil eye.
"Play nice, Zelda." I tease her. 
"I can't. My stupid ability makes me hate any girl I meet. Especially you, Regina."
"Offence intended." She smiles devilishly at the bird Pokémon. "And I don't like it when bitches come on to Chatter, either." she huffs.
"She's not coming onto him, Zelda. They're just being friendly."
I sigh heavily as I round up my team. 
"All right, guys, let's go train!"
[@ Route 207]
"Yo, Farmer Boy!"
"Hey, Yuki!" I smile a little as I turn to face her.
"…What, no comeback? Are you okay, Farmer Boy?" She snaps her fingers in front of my face. I gently push her hand out of the way.
"I'm fine. I just don't feel like arguing today."
"… Okay. But don't think I'm gonna hold back."
"I wouldn't recognize you if you did."
"'Kay. So, Farmer Boy! I'm feeling generous today! I'm gonna give you a treat. Pick a hand." She holds out her hands in fists.
"Ta-da! You picked the Vs. Seeker! Congrats, douche bag."
Hiro got the Vs. Seeker!
"Oh, and you can have this, too. The Professor gave me an extra one."
Hiro got the Dowsing app!
"Later, asshat!"
"Bye, Yuki!"
"… All right, what the hell?" Regina demands. 
"I've read your journal. I know that whenever you and Yuki cross paths, you bite each other's heads off. So what the hell was that?"
"I dunno. I'm just… tired, I guess. I'm not sure why, though."
"You're tired?! Dude, it's noon!" Zelda exclaims.
 "I know! It's weird! Anyway let's just go to Mt. Coronet."
[@ Mt. Coronet]
"Mumble, mumble…"
"Hey, do you guys hear someone mumbling?" I ask.
"Yeah…" Zelda hops up on my head to hear better. "That guy over there is talking to himself."
"Let's just walk quickly past and hope he doesn't notice us." Arty says nervously. "Hiro, let's hurry! …Hiro?"
"That's… That's Cyrus." I breathe.
"That crazy guy from the lake and the statue?" Chatter asks.
"Yeah. Let's be really quiet as we're passing him."
But he turns to face me as I try to sneak past him. 
"You, boy. I've seen you before."
"Uh… I think you're mistaken." I say nervously.
"No. … You were at the statue in Eterna, weren't you?"
"Hmph." He turns back around, staring out across the cavern. "According to one theory, Mt. Coronet is where the Sinnoh region began. In a newly created world... A world where only time flowed and space expanded... There should have been no strife. But what became of the world? Because the human spirit is weak and incomplete, strife has spread... This world is being ruined by it... I find this state of affairs deplorable..." 
"That's great, dude, but I gotta- huh?" I put a hand on my head, suddenly feeling woozy. "What the…?" I stagger, and Cyrus' brow furrows as I fall to the ground.
"Hiro, are you okay?!"
"Wake up, dude!"
"Rose, do you sense anything?"
"No… I'm not that powerful…"
"Dumbass. What the hell are you doing falling asleep in the middle of a cave?!"
"Regina, be nice. He might be injured or something."
"Yeah. I hope those Galactic morons didn't fuck up his brain."
"Language, Zelda."
"Hey, I think he's waking up!"
"The hell…? Why do I keep hearing…" I put a hand on my throbbing head. "Damn, I can't remember."
"He can't remember?! Oh, no! He has amnesia!"
"He means the dream, dumbass." Regina snaps. 
"Don't be mean to Arty!"
"Make me."
"Zelda, Regina, no fighting." Chatter warns them. "Not until after we make sure Hiro's okay, at least."
"Fine." they chorus.
"Are you okay, Boss?" Rose asks, feeling my forehead.
"I'm fine. Just drifted off for a bit." I assure her, smiling. "It's been one hell of a day." I stretch as I sit up. "Weird how that's the best sleep I've gotten in weeks." I laugh, rubbing my back. "Now, then." I stand, and Chatter hops up onto my shoulder. "On to Hearthome!"

Hiro Diamante - The Hero
Starter: Chatter the Monferno
Marcos Platino - The Hyperactive Best Friend/Rival
Starter: Bubba the Prinplup
Yuki Perla - The Bitchy Crush
Starter: Twigs the Grotle

Starting Team: Chatter; Zelda; Regina; Arty; Hilda; Marx;

Ending Team: Chatter; Zelda; Regina; Arty; Rose; Egg;

Pokémon: 18 Deaths: 3 Badges: 2

I'm so sorry, Marx. I never forgave you… But you were a valuable member of our team. I'm going to miss you, buddy. Every time I use Rock Smash I'll think of you.
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Chapter 8
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