Platinum Hiro - A Nuzlocke Story [6]
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Published: 2011-12-12 04:29:23
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Ahh, Hearthome, home of the Contest Hall, Amity Square, Poffin House, and, of course, the Hearthome Gym! But unfortunately for Hiro, the Gym Leader's out, and something horrible is waiting for Hiro at the Contest Hall; his mother and a psychopath wielding glitter and a tux. And to make matters worse, a certain bitchy friend shows up. But is she there to mock him, or is she hiding her true motives?

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It is 3 am right now... I'll write a better note thing and find a pic later... Night...
Chapter 9
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"Please, stop that Buneary!"
"The shit just won't stop, will it?!" Zelda complains while I grab a Buneary as it runs past.
"No! Please, for the love of Arceus, let me go!" it yells, trying to wriggle out of my arms.
"She makes me wear costumes."
"… And?"
"And I'm a dude. She dresses me in frilly dresses."
"Mother of Arceus…" Chatter says as Arty shivers.
"I feel your pain, dude. My mom was a famous coordinator."
"Oh, thank you! Thank goodness you caught her!" the Buneary's owner gasps, panting as she slows to a stop in front of me. "I can't imagine what would have happened if you hadn't caught her!"
"Oh, sweetie, thank goodness you're okay!" She takes the Buneary from my arms and gives it a tight hug. 
"You… realize your Buneary is a boy, right?" I ask.
"What are you talking about?" she laughs. "Of course Mrs. Fluffers is a girl!" She smiles innocently.
"Well, good luck." I tell the Buneary, who is trying desperately to get out of her death grip.
"You bastard!" he yells after me.
"Oh, wait! Sir!"
"Sorry, I'm in a hurry!" 
"Oh, okay! Then please stop by the Contest Hall later so I can thank you properly!"
"Yeah, sure, whatever."
[@ the Hearthome City Pokémon Center]
"We hope to see you again!" 
"Thanks!" I wave to the nurse.
"Hey, you!"
"You use the Pokémon Storage System featured at Pokémon Centers around Sinnoh, right?" A woman with her blonde hair up in a ponytail asks.
"That's great! Any bugs or inconveniences so far?"
"Not really. Just sucks that I have to go all the way to a Pokémon Center whenever I want to switch my team around."
"Excellent! Thanks for your notes!"
"So why do you wanna know? You a technician or something?"
"Actually, I'm the admin for this region's Pokémon Storage System! The name's Bebe!" She shakes my hand.
"I'm Hiro. Nice to meet you."
"So, Hiro, how many Pokémon do you have stored on your account at the moment?"
"Uh… Ten or so, I think."
"Interesting. Most trainers have more than that by now."
"Well, I uh… I don't like to catch too many Pokémon. It tends to be a handful, and I feel bad about leaving so many in the PC already." 
"Still! This kid Marcos was in here earlier today, and even though he stuck to the courtesy two-per-area rule, he had like twenty Pokémon!"
"Marcos caught twenty Pokémon." I say flatly. 
"I was surprised, too." she laughs. "He seemed like a scatterbrain."
"Understatement of the year." I mutter. "Hey, it was nice talking to you, but I gotta run!" I wave to her as I start to leave the PokéCenter.
"See you around!" She waves back, and I head for the Gym. 
[@ the Gym]
"Sorry, but the Gym Leader is out right now."
"Crap. Wait, out where?" 
"The Contest Hall."
"Contest Hall?" Regina's eyes shine. 
"I didn’t even-"
"Fine. Jeez." She rolls her eyes at me.
"Let's kill some time at the park!"
"Hey, Hiro!" 
"Oh, hey, Bebe!" 
"I thought you might want this!"
"An Eevee?"
"Yup! A friend of mine gave it to e to give to a trainer, and you're the most trustworthy trainer I've ever seen!"
"So what do you say?"
Blake - Male Eevee, Adaptability, Relaxed, Highly curious, Happily eats Anything. 
"Thanks! I guess I'll see you aroun- Holy crap what's wrong with the egg?!"
April - Female Togepi, Serene Grace, Careful, Alert to sounds, Likes Bitter food.
"… You do realize that Togepi was a boy, don't you?" Blake points out while Regina and Zelda roll around on the ground laughing.
"Son of a bitch."
Drew - MALE Togepi, Serene Grace, Careful, Alert to sounds, Likes Bitter food.
"Fuck the park I'm going to the stupid Contest Hall."
[@ the Contest Hall]
"Hi, Hiro!"
"Hey Mom why the hell are you here?" I ask, my brow knitting in confusion. 
"This is your son, Johanna?!" a woman next to her gasps. I mentally groan when I realize it's the Buneary woman. 
"Yes, why?" 
"He helped my save Mrs. Fluffers earlier!"
Mom grabs me by my scarf and hisses; "Why the fuck would you do that?!"
"I didn't know she was bat shit crazy!" I defend, taking my scarf back from her.
"Fine." she sighs. "Anyway what are you doing here?"
"Looking for the Gym Leader."
"Did some of Marcos' stupidity rub off on you?"
"No! Jim Gai told me she was here!"
"Oh! How is Jim?" 
"I didn't ask! Look, have you seen her or not?!"
"Sorry." They both shrug.
"Anyway thanks again for helping me, Hiro! Here, have this!" Buneary woman hands me a small jar.
"What is it?"
"It's glitter."
I shove it back towards her, hissing at it. She rolls her eyes. 
"It's just glitter."
"Keep that shit away from me."
"I don't want to look like a fucking sparkle vamp!" 
Hiro got glitter put in his bag when he wasn't looking!
"Honey, if you want to be a coordinator-"
"Bitch that's your dead dream."
"You need to look snazzy when you accept all those first place ribbons!"
"Or, you know, don't listen."
"So I got you this tux!"
"…… How long have you been carrying that around with you?" 
"Since I left the house. I thought I might bump into you."
"You need a job."
"Just shut up and go change into this."
"Why now?" 
"Because I'm tired of carrying it around and I want to see my baby in a penguin suit!"
"I just realized how freaking crazy you are."
"All right! Jeez."
[A quick change later]
"I look stupid."
"You mean 'handsome', dear."
"No, he means stupid." My eye twitches.
"Oh, crap."
"Damn, Farmer Boy, you clean up nice." Yuki laughs, winking at me.
"Is this your girlfriend, Hiro?" Mom asks.
"Are you kidding me?! She's my arch nemeses!"
"Oh, Hiro, that stings!" Yuki says, putting a hand over her heart and fluttering her eyelashes innocently. She walks over and adjusts my bow tie, speaking softly so only I can hear as she admits; "You do look good in a tux, though." A light blush tints her cheeks, and I can feel my own face warming up.
"Thanks." I mutter back, noticing her clothes are different from usual. Instead of her usual pink coat, white scarf and lack of pants, she wears a long pink dress, reaching down past her knees, with her hair tied up in a ponytail with a white ribbon."You don't look so bad yourself. What's the occasion?"
"Oh." She drops her gaze. "Alexander loved contests. Twigs and I are doing one in his honor while we're here." 
"I'm sorry." I say, placing a hand gently on hers. She looks up into my eyes, and for a second I think I see something in hers. A sort of 'Oh. That's new.' look. 
"Let me take a picture!" My mom's voice cuts through the heavy air, bursting the bubble that had momentarily held us in a separate world from everyone else.
We roll our eyes and pose while my mom snap a few pictures of us.
I tug on my tie, trying to loosen the tight grip it has on my throat.
"You're messing it up." Yuki says exasperatedly. "Here, I'll fix it." Somewhere in the back of my mind I notice Mom snapping pictures of the interaction. "If it's too tight, then say something, dumbass." she mumbles, a soft look in her eyes as she fiddles with the tie.
"Okay, I have to go!" Mom says after taking a few more pictures, hugging me. "See you later, honey! Be sure to visit soon!"
"'Kay, Mom!" I call after her, waving.
"Mama's boy." Yuki snorts.
"FOR YOUR INFORMATION-" I start to say, turning around. But she cuts me off with a kiss. 
It's short, but absolutely amazing.
I give her a confused look as she pulls away. I'd thought she hated me. Or at the very least didn't like me very much. But from the way she's shyly biting her lip and searching my eyes for something, I'd say I was dead wrong.
"Like I said, you look good in a tux." She shrugs and spins around, hurrying over to the reception desk and leaving me completely confused. 
Women. Make. No. Sense.
I run my tongue over my lips, tasting the trace amount of lip gloss that rubbed off of her lips and onto mine. The Pecha flavor had made her lips taste sweet, and all I could think about was getting another taste…
"Well if that's not giving mixed signals, I don't know what is!" a woman in a long purple dress laughs, shaking her head sadly at me.
"And just who are you?" I snap.
"Now, now. That's no way to treat a lady." she tsks. "And I happen to be Fantina, Contest expert and Leader of the Hearthome Gym! A little respect, s'il vous plaît?"
"Sorry." I frown, not quite knowing what she just said. 
"Well, come challenge me at my Gym when you're ready. And don't you dare challenge me until you've trained that mignon petit âne OFF." She winks at me, heading towards the door. "Good luck, mon cheri!" 
"What the fuck are you saying?!" I yell after her. "Speak English!"
"She thinks your ass is cute." Rose says, smirking as I blush. "And frankly I agree."
"Bitch, back off."
"She's in the Human-Like Egg Group! Who knows if she can do it with you?!"
"ZELDA! We are in a PUBLIC. AREA. Put a sock in it."
"Sorry." she mumbles, hanging her head. Chatter shakes his head at her as he pats her back.
"We really need to work on that." he chuckles, smiling softly at her. Despite my current annoyance at her, I can't help but smile at how fond Chatter's grown of the young Luxio.
[@ Route 208]
Rose learned Hidden Power!
"I fucking hate these Ralts. All they do is spam fucking Teleport!"
"Hey, I take offense to tha- Ow!"
Ricky - Male Ralts, Synchronize, Hardy, Likes to relax, Eats anything.
"Level 17, still has most of his health, stunned, and caught with one. Regular. Fucking. Poké Ball! Brofist!"
Arty learned Brofist!
"A; you already named a Machop 'Ricky' and either you don't remember or just don't care, and B; isn't that an illegal catch according to your rules?" 
"Chatter, I am so fucking tired I can't even remember how many Pokémon we've seen in this area. Let's just forget about it and move on."
Arty evolved!
"All right! Brofist with actual hands!"
Chatter, Regina, Zelda and Arty all almost die at the hands of Bidoof and Bibarel!
"It's a valid move, and, given the time, Rollout is immensely powerful."
"Bibarel suck Mankey balls. That is my reply."
[@ Oreburgh]
"Calm down, Regina. We'll just catch another Pokémon from Cycling Road and train until we can beat them."

Hiro Diamante - The Hero
Starter: Chatter the Monferno
Marcos Platino - The Hyperactive Best Friend/Rival
Starter: Bubba the Prinplup
Yuki Perla - The Bitchy Crush
Starter: Twigs the Grotle

Starting Team: Chatter; Zelda; Regina; Arty; Rose; Egg;

Ending Team: Chatter; Zelda; Regina; Arty; Rose; Blake;

Pokémon: 21 Deaths: 3 Badges: 2

I'm so sorry, Apr- Ahem. I mean Drew. Sorry I named you before checking your gender. I will make things right as soon as I remember to check where the Name Rater is. And get Fly. And don't have anything better to do. Don’t hold your breath.
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Chapter 9
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