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Kh fanfic writers

2014-06-30 02:55:38
Here I will tell you about the main idea of this and then list the characters, who's taken and what not. Comment if interested.


Point behind .:Loving Number...:. is:The nobodies need love too. Ok really, a few of them do need love but I started this with Number 13 as Amia said that she might do Demyx. lol I can't hold her to it...yet, but still. This group thingy is just to show the world that we, KH fans, Love the nobodies as much as we do Sora... Or Riku. lol

With that said, here's what I'm asking... er.. saying... whatever. It's up to other writers if they even want to do this. If not, then oh well.

1. Xemnas
2. Xigbar
3. Xaldin
4. Vexen
5. Lexaeus
6. Zexion
7. Sax
8. Axel
9. Demyx - Place holder for Amia ((my bestie))
10. Luxord
11. Marluxia
12. Larxene
13. Roxas - Salya
-- (maybes)
Sora - Salya ((he's at the end of Loving Number 13))

Timeline/Storyline- You must loosely based your fanfic on 2 out of 3 games.
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Chains of Memories(don't have to but you can) and Kingdom Hearts 2.

Why these 3? Well Roxas is only in his DS game and the start of 2. So I'm limited to that for him. As other nobodies don't really appear in 2. A few do, but none are my favs. Hint: Zexion.
So writers are limited on their fav semi evil group. (Xemnas and Xigbar are the only two that I know of that are truely evil. And I played Birth by Sleep. >_> So Terra fans, go away)
Other then being limited by games, you are free to play as you like.

Other limits: There is a few others that you need to know.
No long stories. 10 chapters or less. The chapters themselves can be as long as you like.
No word limit. I don't like them.
No rating limit. Just give a warning for anything rated M or R.
Ocs are allowed.
Keiko(my oc) Must appear random in the story. Her profile will be posted with in a month. ((I'll link her profile when it's done))
and that's all. lol

Where will my fanfic be posted? On the KH fanfic page. Don't worry, I won't claim your work. the nickname/name/whatever, you give me will be under the title.
So if interested, comment below. In the comment, Fill this short form out plz.
Name: what you want to be knew of on here.
Age: real
Which Number: (any that isn't taken) (if you want Riku, put him here too. lol)

Once you signed up, you have no time limit since a good story takes time to write. But if you change your mind, you can comment, and let me know.
Post your story on here and comment or PM me with the link to the first chapter. I'll either post it on my site, Tainted wings or I'll just link it to the story on here.

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2014-03-09 23:30:34
Anyone really read my posts here???
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100 one-shot theme

2012-09-01 05:17:48

ok It's not really an one-shot theme for me but more of a 100 chapter Ah! My Goddess fanfic with my ocs... Bell and friends might pop in and out since my ocs do live in the same city and Ken, my oc that lives with two goddesses, goes to the collage. But unlike Bell, Sin and Sirena don't have to be around Ken all the time. xD That wasn't his wish. Anyways here's the 100 theme thingy. If you wanna use it, just comment this with the link to the story/book. (thingy on here) I would love to read what you all done. ^^ 


1. Wish
2. Fantasy
3. Goddess
4. Death
5. Pain
6. Love
7. Happy
8. Sad
9. Mirror
10. Life
11. Game
12. RPG
13. Light
14. Dark
15. Vampire
16. Blood
17. Smile
18. Fairy Tale
19. Story
20. Rain
21. Snow
22. Love
23. Hate
24. Tears
25. Dreams
26. Time
27. Hope
28. Fire
29. Misunderstanding
30. Fear
31. Broken
32. Sweet
33. Boredom
34. Wings
35. Hugs
36. fights
37. Heal
38. Sick
39. Sex
40. Cross-dress
41. Alone
42. Why Me?
43. Night
44. Day
45. Illusion
46. Childhood
47. Waiting
48. Magic
49. Annoyed
50. Sisters
51. Out cold
52. Something old
53. Heart
54. Heat
55. Laugh
56. Dragon
57. Snake
58. Phoenix
59. Chibi
60. Moonlight
61. Midnight
62. Daylight
63. Princess
64. Poor guy
65. Study
66. Goth
67. Play
68. Pet
69. Kitty
70. Smile
71. Ice cream
72. cold
73. wind
74. Falling
75. reality
76. Forever
77. Clumsy
78. Sing
79. Manga
80. Kiss
81. Not going as plan
82. Change of cloths
83. Last
84. Late
85. Test
86. Fate
87. Talking to things
88. Phone
89. Flowers
90. Soft
91. different sides
92. “I'm going to kill you!”
93. Old House
94. Cold water
95. Mommy
96. Friend
97. Neko
98. Confused
99. “Since when?”
100. The end?

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