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Things That Are Broken + Upcoming Conventions

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Things That Are Broken + Upcoming Conventions

Postby FirefuryAmahira » Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:43 pm

Apologies for the radio silence folks. Real life, school, personal injuries, and so on and so forth.

First up on the agenda:
Quizilla Importer Malfunctioning
According to Raynovac, the Quizilla entry importer is "importing weird." He's not sure what's causing it yet, whether it might be a bug in our code or Quizilla changed something on their site that's making it act wonky. So any pending Quizilla import requests are on hold until he can figure out what the heck is going on.

The downside to that of course being that his work is really ramping up right now, giving him less free time (and less drive to program after doing so ALL DAY already) to work on the site. Also, he's got a hand injury at the moment which makes sitting at a computer for hours working on code really not a fun idea. So it's gonna be awhile before we can figure out what's going on and get it fixed. Sorry about the delay, guys!

Upcoming Conventions- Anime Conji, March 17, 2012, 3pm
The second convention in the 2012 season for us! One and I will be hosting a one-hour fanfiction workshop at Anime Conji in San Diego on Saturday March 17th. At the moment I'm not sure what room we'll be in, or whether there's a panel before/after us. If the room isn't booked for 4pm, we might be able to run a little later. As always, we'll have the writers' reference guide packets available, and we encourage people to bring samples of their work or ideas to bounce around. With the one-hour format we tend to stick less to a formal outline of topics and talk about things that the group is more interested in. (For instance, the panel at Anime LA talked mostly about character creation, avoiding Mary Sues, and the challenges of crossover fanfiction.)

Upcoming Conventions - Fanime May 25-28, panel times TBA
We'll be returning to Fanime this year, and we've put in the requests for THREE one hour panels. (The idea being that hopefully at least one of them will be in a time slot that is not the middle of the freaking night!) Unlike last year when we covered the entire range of topics in a single two-hour panel, this year we're changing it up some with two one-hour sessions that will cover different topics. (One will be dedicated almost entirely to characters, their creation, keeping them in character, avoiding Mary Sues, and so on; the other will cover more technical elements such as specific types of scenes, first/second/third person perspectives, and worldbuilding.) Also, we'll be introducing a whole new fanfiction related panel at Fanime! In addition to the "Fanfiction 101" and "Fanfiction 201" panels, One has applied for an 18+ "Fanfiction 369" panel that will be dedicated pretty much entirely to the subject of sex in fanfiction and the common misconceptions and mistakes in How Sex Actually Works. Should be a lot of fun!

We're still waiting to hear back from Fanime, but right now we're operating under the assumption that we'll be able to get all three panels. As we get closer to the convention and get updated information, we'll let everybody know!
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